Around the Office: The Ebbs and Flow of Transition

The past month or so has been eventful at to say the least. We lost our photo clipper and merchandiser to bigger and better things. The office went through construction (it’s almost done, but we’ll pretend it’s finished just for the sake of my sanity). New office furniture meant moving computers and personal effects before we could build our fancy new Ikea desks and put them in place. Then move everything back. We have two new employees (Gillian and Jordan) to fill empty desks. Hopefully things will settle down now. We welcome new faces and push forward with the same determination as usual. Hats off to all of you for not noticing if I happened to miss the usual “Get the Look” blog post yesterday or that Facebook doesn’t get as much lovin’ sometimes. You’re the reason we’re here, providing great products and service to the hat lovers of the world. I feel we all need to stand in a circle with hands in the center, magic rings glowing as we yell “Hat lovers unite!” before fighting that super evil giant robot that’s invading.

Here you can see the spiffy new desks and the backs of Jordan & Gillian's heads.

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