Get the Look: Unyime Akpanudosen from Expressions Realia

Expressions Realia is a blog about fashion and the history behind it, and the founder/writer/style icon behind is Unyime Akpandudosen. Hailing from Southern California but of Nigerian descent, Unyime’s style is classic and culturally rich. When asked for this interview for our Get the Look segment, he responded in his usual humble manner, “I am flattered to be asked such questions…”

And now a little insight into the hats he loves and his great style.

1. Your website, focuses on fashion and the history/inspiration behind the styles. How did you get involved in the fashion world and become so passionate about style?

To my understanding the fashion is not about the clothes or the trends. I became involved and inspired by the artistic quality of personally choosing what to wear each day. It says a lot about yourself and your morals and to me that is fashion. The history portion of the package was an afterthought. It’s all too common to have information without understanding nowadays. I simply wanted to explore the history of garments and fabrics to bring an honest understanding for myself and others.

2. Have you always been the super stylish internet fashion journalist we see on your site, or has this been an evolution over the years?

Definitely an evolution. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a journalist either, although I am fond of writing. Looking back on how i used to dress, I’m very pleased to know myself as I am today. Not forgetting who I once was and how I chose to dress, but learning from it and exploring new areas. It’s an evolution of style and mindset.

3. Describe your fashion style in general.

If I had to describe it, I would somewhat smart, classic, casual, and open-minded. It makes no sense, but then again I don’t like to confine myself. Who knows what will inspire a minor or major alteration in my life and style in the future.

4. What is your signature/favorite hat? What about the hat appeals to you and/or your style?

I was never one to wear hats, but I can really say after wearing hats in my recent headwear posts, the fedora has really grown on me. It’s a really slick accessory.

5. How important are hats to the fashion world, in your opinion?

Hats in my opinion are an extension of one’s style. Like a tie, or shoes.

6. Would you care to share some words of fashion wisdom to the masses?

Don’t aspire to be seen in what you wear, aspire to be known for having the courage to wear what you want. Always remember it’s a personal mission statement about who you are and where you’re headed.

Hat in image is the Bailey of Hollywood Darron Pork Pie.

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