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New Site Features (Blog II)

As we mentioned in our last blog, our customers can look forward to a fresh new website coming in June! Our “go live” day is approaching fast, so we’re happy to let you in on some of the details of our site redesign. Make sure you keep coming back for future updates to see what we’re up to; eventually we’ll officially announce when you’ll be able to shop on the new!

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New Site Features (Blog I)

In our humble opinion, we have the finest selection of quality hats online. We’re determined to have a website that matches the same standards. We understand that eCommerce is an environment that constantly changes and evolves. Major players in the online shopping world have drastically raised expectations for site functionality, speed, and ease of navigation. According to, 95% Americans shop online at least yearly. In addition, has declared that 77% of Americans now own a smartphone as of January 2017. Knowing those statistics, it’s no surprise that retailers are scrambling to strategically design websites that operate at the highest levels possible – especially on mobile devices. We’re proud to announce that a new will be premiering in June 2017!

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Bailey of Hollywood Endura Finish: Do They Stand Up To Our Test?

For the Endura Finish hats, a revolutionary, thermosetting yarn has been hand woven inside paper straw fiber prior to hand weaving the hat body. The result is a shape retentive, woven straw that will return to its blocked shape even after it is drenched. Let it rain!

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2014 Oscar Fashion

Fabulous or Frightful Oscar Fashions: The Best & Worst Dressed Celebrities

The red carpet brings out the best and worst of our celebrity friends. With the Oscars on top of us, it’s time to look back and reflect upon some of the best and worst Oscar fashions from the past decade.

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