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What Color Hat is Right for You?

A traditional black hat is always a safe bet when you’re shopping for hats. Of course, everybody likes to break out of their shell a little bit now and then. It’s amazing what a daring, creative fashion choice can do for your morale when done right. But what color hat is right for you?

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Hip Hop Up Top: Hat Fashion in Rap Today

With ‘Straight Outta Compton’ bringing N.W.A. back to the forefront of public consciousness, we’re reminded how important clothes and apparel can be to an artist’s image. The intimidating all-black outfits of N.W.A. were a symbol of the intense dark feelings that the members portrayed in their music. Of course, their outfits would not have been complete without black baseball caps. Their caps often held the logos of sports teams like the L.A. Raiders, L.A. Kings, and Chicago White Sox, as well as their own ‘N.W.A.’ and ‘Compton’ logos. It’s a reminder that hats have always shined in the hip hop industry. The baseball caps of N.W.A., the fedoras of Run D.M.C., and the Kangols that many early rappers wore are just a few examples.

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National Straw Hat Day is May 15th!

May 15th is National Straw Hat Day, an excellent time to put away your felt and wool hats and break out your finest straw hats. If you’re checking out your stash of straw hats and you’re not impressed, or you just don’t have any at all, celebrate the day by picking up some new styles at! We have a nice selection that includes a variety of weave patterns, a price range that caters to different types of customers, and designs that range from traditional to bold.

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Kangol Hats Showing Up in the Fashion Press

In recent years, the Kangol brand has really made an effort to increase their credibility in street fashion. With such a deep historical association with the likes of LL Cool J, Slick Rick, and Run-D.M.C., the brand has an excellent foundation upon which they can strengthen their reputation. Their work hasn’t gone unnoticed, garnering attention from major fashion publications in both digital and print format. This spring has been especially successful in terms of getting press that shows off the brand!

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Where Can I Find Kentucky Derby Hats on Sale? We Have the Answer!

How could we not love an occasion like the Kentucky Derby where hats get nearly as much attention as the race itself? The party that surrounds the race itself has become legendary, with patrons dressed to the nines, drinks flowing freely, and a general air of excitement when everybody’s betting slip is still a potential winner. The festivities in Louisville attract celebrities and wealthy guests who don their most gregarious outfits, setting the fashion standard by which other patrons measure their own garb. Of course, the hat is the absolute centerpiece of the outfit when attending a Kentucky Derby party.

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