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10 Presidents We Associate with Hats

It is said that the president of the United States of America wears seven hats, or has seven duties, during his career as head honcho. These include: Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, head of state, director of foreign policy, head of political party, economic guardian, and legislative leader. In honor of Presidents’ Day, is proud to present “10 Presidents We Associate with Hats”. Judging by most online political discussion, nobody actually wants to talk rationally about serious issues. Neither do we, so here are some fun pictures!

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Learn about Lincoln’s Hat

There doesn’t seem to be total agreement on why Lincoln started wearing a top hat. Some historians say that he probably chose to wear the hat early in his political career as a “gimmick” to catch attention. Others theorize that he started wearing the hat when it became a popular way to show off wealth and stature. Historians point to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, as the person from whom Americans picked up this high-class fashion trend. Regardless of of the true reason that Lincoln started donning a top hat, it stayed with him until the end of his life.

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