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What Makes it a Genuine Panama Hat?

The first piece of information that you need to know about Panama Hats, if you aren’t familiar, is that they aren’t made in Panama. You may be surprised to know that these high-quality hats have been woven in Ecuador since the 1600s.

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What Color Hat is Right for You?

A traditional black hat is always a safe bet when you’re shopping for hats. Of course, everybody likes to break out of their shell a little bit now and then. It’s amazing what a daring, creative fashion choice can do for your morale when done right. But what color hat is right for you?

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Hip Hop Up Top: Hat Fashion in Rap Today

With ‘Straight Outta Compton’ bringing N.W.A. back to the forefront of public consciousness, we’re reminded how important clothes and apparel can be to an artist’s image. The intimidating all-black outfits of N.W.A. were a symbol of the intense dark feelings that the members portrayed in their music. Of course, their outfits would not have been complete without black baseball caps. Their caps often held the logos of sports teams like the L.A. Raiders, L.A. Kings, and Chicago White Sox, as well as their own ‘N.W.A.’ and ‘Compton’ logos. It’s a reminder that hats have always shined in the hip hop industry. The baseball caps of N.W.A., the fedoras of Run D.M.C., and the Kangols that many early rappers wore are just a few examples.

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Why Buy Hats Online?

As humans become increasingly reliant on the internet to conduct everyday tasks, smartphones become even more ubiquitous, and e-Commerce becomes more important, we should examine the pros and cons of using the web for different functions. In this case, let’s point out the benefits of buying hats online and address some concerns that potential customers may have when considering an online purchase.

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Earth Day and Environmentally-Friendly Hats!

The first Earth Day was held in 1970, the idea of then U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin. With a public slowly becoming aware of environmental issues due to Rachel Carson’s 1962 book Silent Spring, and a generation of young people protesting for various forms of societal change, Senator Nelson was successful in his effort to stage a “national teach-in on the environment”.

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