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Throwing a Kentucky Derby Party

There are a lot of elements that can make a Kentucky Derby successful. We’ll discuss a few of those things in this blog, but we’re going to start with the most important. We have to first point out that if your party-goers don’t have great hats, it’s not a true Kentucky Derby party. Lucky for you, has plenty of options that are perfect for race day! For men, we have handsome trilbies and fedoras that will add just the right amount of gentlemanly charm to your outfit. For women, we have gorgeous wide brim hats, charming floppy hats, festive special event styles, and eye-catching fascinators to get the party started. After you find the right hats hat, read through the rest of our Kentucky Derby party pointers and start planning the perfect bash!

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Distinctive Golf Hats For Players With Original Style

Masters weekend has arrived and this puts us right in the heart of golf season, both for playing and watching. The first major of the year is always exciting for golf fans, and it also usually marks a shift in the weather for those who have waited patiently for the temperatures to rise. It’s an excellent time to pick up some new gear for the season, and everybody needs the right hat to hit the links!

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What Makes it a Genuine Panama Hat?

The first piece of information that you need to know about Panama Hats, if you aren’t familiar, is that they aren’t made in Panama. You may be surprised to know that these high-quality hats have been woven in Ecuador since the 1600s.

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Like That? Try This! Get a New Look for the New Year!

For many people, it’s difficult to make a style change without some guidance. Adding a new hat shape to your repertoire is an excellent way to update your look without making drastic changes and expensive purchases. Many of our customers tell us how happy they are when they finally decide to try something a little different from the hats that they’ve always worn. In addition, they are usually pleasantly surprised how easily a new hat style can fit into their existing wardrobe.

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The Return of Rocky and his Fedora in ‘Creed’

The period from November into the early part of the New Year is generally a very good time to visit your local cinema. This year is no exception, with anticipated releases from Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers. A movie garnering positive attention early in the movie season is ‘Creed’, the latest in the ‘Rocky’ boxing movie franchise (it’s currently at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes).

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