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A Look at the Hats in HBO’s Westworld

HBO has yet another show in its canon capturing the attention of legions of viewers. With the critical and public response it’s receiving, it isn’t crazy to think that it has the potential to become the next Game of Thrones or The Sopranoes. Another manifestation of the trend towards long shows with richly detailed characters and multi-episode plot lines, Westworld is the most recent show that has people gathering around the water cooler for intense discussion.

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Plaid: Not Just For Lumberjacks, Canadians, and Hipsters.

Plaid was once found only on work clothing and hunting jackets. Now plaid has become popular outside the realm of utilitarian attire, making its way into more and more people’s closets. It’s also evolved from its use in hipster garb by young people who use the thrift store to craft their outfits. There’s an array of plaid options around, with great color schemes and designs beyond the traditional choices. Don’t think plaid is only relegated to shirts and jackets. Plaid looks incredible on the right hat shape, and has a great selection of plaid styles to choose from.

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Hat Juggler Paul Ponce on America’s Got Talent!

This week on America’s Got Talent, Paul Ponce was featured showing off his hat juggling act to a national television audience. While he’s capable of juggling all kinds of objects, he chose his hat routine to really impress the judges (SPOILER: the judges did choose to move him on in the competition). With wide brim hats soaring through the air and returning to his hands so deftly it was like they were on a string, Paul amazed the crowd, won over the judges, and definitely caught our attention!

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