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Do You Really Lose A Lot Of Heat From Your Head?

What figure have you heard about heat loss from your head? 70%? 80%? There are several different variations out there, but the truth is that your head pretty much releases the same amount of heat as the rest of your skin. WebMD, usually used as a self-diagnosis tool for hypochondriacs, might actually calm you down a little bit on this issue.

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Style Feature: Beanies

Now that the blustery, chilly weather has arrived, you are probably searching for a little extra warmth this fall. Look no further than the beanie. This versatile head-hugging knit cap is effortlessly cool and is designed to keep you feeling warm and looking good. Continue reading “Style Feature: Beanies” » aaron paul celebrity spotlight

Celebrity Hat Spotlight: Aaron Paul

Actor Aaron Paul has made a splash in the entertainment world over the past couple years with the widely known and praised TV show, Breaking Bad. He’s also had a recent appearance on the big screen in Need For Speed.  Continue reading “Celebrity Hat Spotlight: Aaron Paul” » 4th of July Woman holding American Flag

The Do’s and Don’ts of 4th of July Style

The biggest holiday of the summer is the Fourth of July. Not only does it celebrate our country’s independence but it’s the best time of year for parties with family and friends, great food, and fireworks. We know the excitement of being able to sport our country’s colors can be overwhelming during this holiday, but you don’t want to be that person giving our nation’s colors a bad name with your outfit of choice. Here are some tips on getting the perfect mix of patriotism and style. Continue reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of 4th of July Style” »