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Hat Storage Ideas | 8 Ways to Store Your Hat

Whether you have a small collection of just a few hats or a massive inventory to match every one of your favorite outfits, keeping your hats organized is essential. Proper hat storage keeps your accessories within easy reach and makes sure they’re protected from dust and other elements. At, we know all about proper hat storage and organization, so if you need some fresh hat storage ideas, read on here for unique tips from our online store experts.

On Display

Some people prefer to keep their hat collection out in the open, so they can easily choose the ideal hat for any outfit. There’s no shame in showing off your collection, but you still want to make sure that everything has a proper spot in your home. Here are some of our favorite hat storage ideas for people who like to put their collection on display.


Shelves are an incredibly versatile way to showcase and store any style of hat. From super wide brim sun hats to compact trilbies, you can install shelving in any length, width, or color to ensure that you can fit your hats and that you’re keeping everything in tune with your existing home décor. Shelves are also infinitely adjustable, so when you buy a new hat, you can simply install additional shelving!

As Wall Art

When it comes to hats as wall art, they can be fun to display in nearly any room. Place a collection on hooks above your bed or put a few in the living room above the TV. With your hats out in the open, they’re easy to grab and clean, or to snatch up right before you walk out the door. You can create colorful displays in any shape or size as you mix and match cowboy hats with fedoras and boaters with berets. Wherever your hat storage ideas take you, just make sure that your hats aren’t placed in direct sunlight.

Pocket Organizers

Wall hung pocket organizers are one of the most convenient hat storage ideas. Usually made of elastics and fabric, pocket organizers can be manipulated any which way to make your hat storage simpler than ever. Whether you choose one with perfectly sized slots or you clip your hats onto the exterior of the pocket with wooden clothespins, your hats will always be within arm’s reach.

Hat Stands

With hats that are a little more delicate, hat stands are a great hat storage idea that keeps your accessories separate and out in the open. While hat stands really only work if you have a lot of countertop space (or only a few hats), they still add a certain vintage essence to your space. Explore a number of hat stand styles including those made of canvas, metal, and wood to ensure the perfect look for your home.

Tucked Away

If you’re a little more cautious about your hats, and you want to make sure they’re protected from sunlight and dust, putting them away in an enclosed space is the ideal solution. From drawer space to chests and boxes, has tons of ideas for you. For the perfect way to keep your hats safe, without resorting to boring plastic bins, check out these hat storage ideas.


If you have an extra vanity or nightstand with nothing in it, stacking your hats inside makes storage super easy. A drawer is a perfect place to stack durable hats like baseball caps, beanies, and berets. Organize your hats by color or size for a beautiful display every time you open the drawer.

Decorated Storage Bins

You don’t have to put your hats on display to use them as part of your decoration. Pick up some basic lidded cardboard boxes at your local art store and use your own creativity to decorate and personalize each one. This hat storage idea is the perfect weekend activity for DIYers or couples who love to bond over art. Whether you choose to utilize paper maché, acrylic paints, markers, or watercolors, you now have a completely custom collection of storage places for all your hats.

Hat Boxes & Vintage Cases

Another decorative hat storage idea for people who don’t want their hats too obviously on display is a collection of hat boxes or vintage suitcases. Spend your weekend browsing thrift shops and antique stores to find the perfect set to fit all your hats. You can stack them in any corner to brighten up your living space! As you swap out your hats for the day, you can even restack the boxes in a completely different order for a display that’s always changing.

Antique Chests

If you don’t want anything too kitschy taking up space in your home, an antique chest or two could be the perfect subtle hat storage idea for you. Place a chest at the foot of your bed, in a corner of the living room, or tucked away in a closet. They’re easy to move from place to place and provide ample protection for even the most delicate of hats.

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