1860s Bollman Heritage Collection Bonnet

Bollman Hat Company
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Style Bonnet
Collection Bollman Heritage Collection
Fabric Wool Felt
Material 100% Wool
Crown Peaked
Season Autumn/Winter
USA Made or Imported Made in USA
The Bollman Hat Company was founded in 1868, when George Bollman and Isaac Sowers and sixty employees began production at a former distillery on Main Street in Adamstown. The Company's first hats were made within three years of the end of the Civil War in the United States which was fought between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865. Railroads advertised land for sale in ladies magazines, such as Godey's, and people headed west. By 1869, anyone could travel from one coast to the other by railroad. Immigrants flooded America's shores after the Civil War looking for freedom, a better life, and their fortune. In these early days, Bollman himself brought hats to the rail stations on a cart pulled by his horse Lemon.
During the 1860's women's fashion featured hoop skirts and bonnets. At the height of its popularity, the hoop skirt reached a maximum width of six feet! The sewing machine allowed dress makers to produce more pieces at cheaper costs and new dyes provided for brighter colors. Bonnets took on an oval shape with an open upraised mid point in the center front. Our first hats were produced in this decade starting with black wool felt. This basic black bonnet with binding represents a modest look for a modest Bollman Hat Company beginning. This hat comes in a special edition Bollman Heritage Hat Box.