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American Made Hats loves brands that make an effort to manufacture all or some of their hats in American. These hats are all made in the U.S.A., although some are produced with globally sourced materials. Please carefully read the information on each product page to determine the exact circumstances in which the hat was manufactured.

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  1. Taylor Litefelt® Wide Brim Fedora
  2. Maddy LiteFelt® Fedora
  3. Skylar LiteFelt® Fedora
  4. Jordan LiteFelt® Fedora
  5. LiteStraw® Santiago Trilby
  6. LiteFelt® Player
    LiteFelt® Player
  7. Logan LiteFelt® Outback Hat
  8. Robin Litefelt® Fedora
  9. Branson Litefelt® Fedora
  10. LiteStraw® Soho Stroller Fedora
  11. Litefelt® Charlie Stingy Brim Fedora
  12. Jamie LiteFelt® Pork Pie