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American Made Hats loves brands that make an effort to manufacture all or some of their hats in American. These hats are all made in the U.S.A., although some are produced with globally sourced components. Please carefully read the information on each product page to determine the exact circumstances in which the hat was manufactured.

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The Patriot Tropic 504 by Kangol

The Kangol Patriot Tropic 504 has been produced to honor the colors of the American flag; a fantastic way to be stylish and show off your national pride! Confidently don this attractive cap knowing that it is manufactured in the U.S.A. with globally sourced components. The 504 cap gets its name from the number assigned to the original block shape that it is made on. The Tropic yarn means that the hat is both lightweight & comfortable.

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    Brandt Fedora
  2. Rancher Cap
    Rancher Cap
  3. Original Stormy Kromer Cap
  4. Ottawa Camo Original Stormy Kromer Cap
  5. Mackinaw Cap
  6. Kromer Long Sleeve Tee Photo
  7. Mackinaw Coat
  8. Waxed Cotton Cap
  9.  Town & Country Jacket
  10. Woolover Zip Jacket For Him
  11. SK Outfitter Vest
  12. SK Hoodie Ironwood