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7 Hat Trends to Expect in 2023

Hats are the perfect add-ons to effortlessly take every outfit to a ten. The right hat can make you look glamorous and chic, while also elevating your look to suit different occasions.

Whether you’re planning brunch with your friends or have a late-evening cocktail party to attend, there’s a hat for every mood and vibe.

They’re fun, trendy, and a total game-changer in every fashionista’s wardrobe, and every year brings new styles. Here’s a rundown of the best 2023 hat styles you absolutely need in your closet!

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Top 6 Trendy Women’s Winter Hats in 2022-2023

woman wearing fedora and applying lipstick on another woman

When winter arrives, your cozy home quickly becomes your safe space. Unfortunately, work, school, and other “adult” commitments drag you out of that safe space day after day, and keeping your head warm can feel quite the chore.

The good news? With the right trendy winter hat, you can keep that noggin warm each time you step out of the house. And you can look good doing it, too, ladies!

Here’s a rundown of the top six trendy women’s winter hats for 2022-2023—the perfect accessories for achieving a put-together look this holiday season. 

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8 Gifts for Hat Lovers This Holiday Season

woman in sweater wearing tess beaniewoman in sweater wearing tess beanie

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re already thinking ahead to what you will purchase the hat lover in your life. And we tip our hats to you.

There’s just one problem: With so many hats available in the market, you’re having a hard time figuring out which one would best fit your loved one’s personality… and their face.

The good news? We’ve compiled a guide on the top must-have hat options for every hat aficionado. Here’s a rundown on eight gifts for hat lovers this coming holiday season.

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Best Sun Hats for Women

woman in dress and one of the best sun hats for women looking out over oceanwoman in dress and one of the best sun hats for women looking out over ocean

That's alright. It's not too late to add an elegant sun hat to your collection of obligatory summertime wardrobe items this year. But the sooner you can secure your signature hat, the better, as this accessory works double time to save your skin while also enhancing your style.

The question is, what exactly are the best sun hats for women in 2022?

Here's a rundown on the best summer hats for fashion-forward women to don this year


 betmar classic roll up hat in lavender betmar classic roll up hat in lavender

Roll Up Hat

This hat is a must-have for any fierce female looking to give her peak-season ensemble the perfect finishing touch. The roll up hat is one of the best sun hats for women looking to sport a casual yet smart vibe. On top of this, it is the perfect hat for travel due to being packable and lightweight. There’s no need to worry about your luggage bending this hat in all of the wrong places.

This classic cap also features a solar protection rating of as much as UPF 50+. As a result, the hat couldn’t be a better companion whether you’re headed to the pool, the beach or any other outdoor destination on the hottest of summer days. 

woman wearing bianca visor as the best sun hats for womenwoman wearing bianca visor as the best sun hats for women

Wide-Brim Visor

Yet another one of the best sun hats for women is the wide-brim visor. In addition to providing the coverage needed to prevent wrinkles and age spots, this functional and simple hat brings immense style to any look.

The best of these summer hats for women provide an SPF rating of up to 50+. This means you don’t have to worry about being overly exposed to the rays of the sun when you step out in these caps. In addition, look for raffia hats, as these are water resistant and naturally pliant enough to prevent issues such as brittleness and cracking. The band should also be fabricated from soft elastic to provide you with maximum comfort as you move from one summer destination to the next.

woman wearing kangol washed bucket hatwoman wearing kangol washed bucket hat

Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is another one of the best sun hats for women if you’re looking for a timeless and clean look for the summer season. The classic shape of this modern hat makes it the perfect versatile accessory for numerous types of outfits. 

With this hat, you’ll instantly tell the world that you know how to make the right impression without ever having to speak a word. Note that the best of these summer hats for women are made of lightweight cotton, which will help you to stay cooler on those sweltering days.

Val C. Flat Brim Exclusive sun hat for womenVal C. Flat Brim Exclusive sun hat for women

Flat-Brim Hat

With the flat-brim hat, you get more than just one of the best sun hats for women looking to show off their flair for trendy styles. You also get a hat that is perfect for any subtle people watchers out there! Consider it your go-to multi-purpose hat for the dog days of summer, whether those days are spent lounging around the pool or on the go. The hat will both keep you cool and keep you looking cool, as it will match virtually any outfit and instantly make a statement.

face framer cap as one of the best sun hats for womenface framer cap as one of the best sun hats for women

Framer Cap

Framer caps are also among the best summer hats for women, as they will keep you looking stylish as you enjoy fun times under the sun. Consider it the female version of the traditional ball cap with the bill/visor taking on the shape of a half moon. This cap provides plenty of protection for your face and ears while also being soft, therefore providing ultimate comfort. It’s a feminine, simple, and functional hat for today’s most in-vogue ladies.

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