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14 Hats From "Dumb and Dumber"

Jim Carrey's Harry from Dumb & Dumber in his giant cowboy hat

We're super excited for the November 14th, 2014 release of Dumb and Dumber To€. In honor of the sequel, we came up with this list of fourteen hats we remember from the original Dumb and Dumber€! See if you can recall these moments from the classic comedy:

1. and 2. Lloyd and Mary in the Limousine

Don't Worry, I'm a Limo Driver!

Don't worry, he's a limo driver! We're first introduced to Lloyd when he's still working as a chauffeur and wearing a hat as part of his driving uniform. He meets and falls head-over-heels for Mary Swanson (or is it Samsonite? Swam,, definitely Swanson). She's sporting a soft black cloche that almost looks like a Betmar hat.

3. Lloyd's Haircut

Bowl Cut

Okay, this isn't really a hat, but Lloyd getting a perfect bowl cut is just hilarious.

4. Guy in Winter Hat During Lloyd's Fantasy Scene

Winter Hat Dream Sequence 

Lloyd has a dream about how it will be when he finally finds Mary in Aspen. This includes a scene where he's delighting a roomful of friends with jokes and tricks. This random gentleman looks on in glee while Lloyd --how can we put this in a classy way- "lights his own flatulence ablaze". The onlooker's hat kind of looks like a goofy version of a Stormy Kromer with a pom-pom on top.

5. Mary's Hat in Fantasy Sequence

You ma-ma-make me happy!!!

Mary is romantically swept into Lloyd's arms while wearing a charming, light-colored cloche.

6. Fight Scene During Fantasy Sequence

Part of the fantasy sequence includes a fight where Lloyd defends Mary's honor at dinner. His final opponent is the chef who comes out of the kitchen in a traditional chef hat before battling Lloyd.

7. and 8. Harry and Mary Go Skiing


Harry in his best '90s DayGlo beanie and the perpetually adorable Mary in a cute headband on their secret ski trip; the perfect accessories for a loving but violent snowball fight!

9. Harry and Llloyd Protect Themselves on their Mini-bike Roadtrip


After obtaining a mini-bike in a "straight up" trade for their sheepdog van, Harry and Lloyd make sure to protect their precious brains with an open-face motorcycle helmet (watch out for Junebugs) and a bike helmet.

10. Helmeted Motorcycle Cop Pulls Harry and Lloyd over in the Sheepdog Van

Since we're stretching the definition of hats to include helmets, we have to include this appearance by funnyman Harland Williams. He plays a motorcycle cop who pulls over the boys and gets an unpleasant surprise when he takes a big swig of "grandpa's old cough medicine"€.

11. Lloyd Gets a New Wardrobe

We landed on the moon! 

After discovering that the briefcase they're trying to deliver to Mary is full of money, Harry and Lloyd buy some new outfits with the cash, along with a Ferrari and various other luxuries -all carefully accounted for with IOUs, of course. Lloyd again demonstrates his love for conspicuous western hats with this Richard Petty-inspired style. It's sort of an extreme version of the Bollman 1980's Urban Cowboy.

12. Harry and Lloyd Anger Seabass in the Diner

Kick his ***, Seabass!

Harry protects his luck by throwing salt over his shoulder after he spills some on the table. Unfortunately, he unwisely decides to throw the entire shaker and it hits a tough local known as Seabass€. Seabass' trucker hat bears a very memorable -and dirty- slogan. We'll keep it clean and not go into detail, but you can get a better look at the hat in this video.

13. Lloyd Buys a Big Ol' Cowboy Hat

Senior citizens, while slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose! 

They may have been short on finances, but this massive western hat was a necessary expense for Lloyd. We have to agree that when you find the right hat you just gotta pull the trigger and buy it.

14. Top Hats and Tuxedos!


These guys know how to make an entrance! After getting themselves clean and spiffed up, Harry and Lloyd carefully select their outfits for the swanky Aspen party they plan to attend. One of the most well-known images from Dumb and Dumber is of the pair dressed in their gaudy orange and light blue tuxedos complete with canes and matching top hats. WE-LIKE-IT-A-LOT!

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