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2022 Hat Trends to Watch Out For

woman posing in a beanie from 2022 hat trendswoman posing in a beanie from 2022 hat trends


Old Man Winter has arrived. This means you keep your favorite scarf in tow, and you’ve got matching shoes and complementary bags to boot. There’s something missing, though:


The perfect hat.    


The right hat brings something special to the table of every fashionista. It brings a polished look to your outfit and becomes your own personal iconic fashion statement. So don’t forget yours as you style your outfits for the coming year.


Today’s new hat trends feature numerous designs and styles. Here is a rundown on the top hat trends for 2022


The Furry Hat

furgora casual new hat trendfurgora casual new hat trend

Want every ensemble to be a hit? You can’t go wrong with a furry hat — one of 2022’s top hat trends. Why? Because casual fuzzy hats don’t just keep you warm. They also exude a street aesthetic that brings an underground vibe to every outfit. 


The Kangol Furgora Casual is an effortlessly cool hat that will make you stand out at every winter gathering, both formal and casual. Choose your favorite from our range of colors, from scarlet to navy, to elevate any outfit.


The Wide-Brim Hat

vitoria wide brim model shotvitoria wide brim model shot


The most popular 2022 hat trends also include wide-brim hats like the Vitoria Wide Brim Fedora. It adds elegance to every outfit, especially in the spring and summer.


The best part about these boho-chic hats? They’ll never become out of date. Quite the contrary: they’ve been an iconic headpiece for decades. Dare to don these sophisticated hats in a wide range of hues that bring a timeless look to your outfit.


The Beanie Hat

cuffed beanie 2022 hat trendcuffed beanie 2022 hat trend

No list of 2022 hat trends would be complete without an appearance by the beanie. However, 2022 brings a twist: the cuffed beanie. The Acrylic Cuff Pull On is a classic cuffed beanie that’s close-fitting, casual, and simple. It’s versatile, fitting well with both dressed-up and dressed-down outfits. And it comes in so many colors, materials, cuts and styles that it’s unbeatable for everyday wear. 


That’s not the only beanie option, though! Look cool and casual in a slouch beanie. Sport a cuffed beanie for a truly snug look and feel. And add outstanding brimless and paneled beanies to the mix. These accessories suit every face shape to produce fashionable looks for all.

Baseball Cap

baseball cap 2022 hat trendbaseball cap 2022 hat trend

When it comes to 2022’s hat trends, you can’t ever go wrong with the baseball cap. Kangol’s Denim Baseball Cap is a timeless accessory that stands out for its multiple contemporary elements. For instance, you can easily find mesh variations. Caps with flat brims can also add that street style you’re looking for. And if you need the perfect fit, freshen up your ensemble with a cap featuring adjustable straps.

Bucket Hat

tie dye new bucket hat trendtie dye new bucket hat trend

As you begin your foray into 2022, take a bucket hat with you. The top 2022 hat trends include hats like the Tie Dye Bucket, the perfect bucket hat for kick-backs, nights out, and festivals!


Pair it with subtle dark clothes and make it a feature piece. Or, if you’re looking to turn heads and get the party going, combine it with snazzy bright and flashy colors. When you’re just chilling with friends, pair it with loose denim and graphic tees for a laid-back look. With this tie dye bucket hat from Kangol, 2022’s looking like a good time.


treport fedora hat styletreport fedora hat style

The fedora is yet another addition to the list of new hat trends. You can recognize the fedora by its side dents and top dent. The brims are also soft and flexible. This means you can snap them upward or down based on your mood or personal style. One of our favorites is Bailey of Hollywood’s Treport Fedora.


Designed for the shining lights of Hollywood, the Treport Fedora features the classic fedora construction with water-resistant LiteFelt® Wool. It comes in a broad range of colors, like rust, olive mix, and blue ink, and every one is accented with an aged suede band around its crown. It pairs perfectly with rugged looks with leather jackets and worn jeans, as well as with formal looks featuring stylish blazers and loose ties for a bit of an edge.


Bowler Hat

The 410 Bowler bowlerThe 410 Bowler bowler

Certain styles are iconic and timeless, and 2022 will feature hats of those styles. Bowlers are a must-have for those keeping up with 2022 hat trends. Hat companies have every year to innovate styles for this headwear classic, and it now comes in a number of hues and materials its original designers hadn’t even dreamed of. For instance, check out the quintessential 410 Bowler from Trimmed & Crowned. It’s an all-new on-trend hat piece that combines tradition with cutting edge, and features in-fashion copper and navy color options. 


These hats were made to make you stand out, so incorporate them into your ensemble for formal gatherings and classy dates. No matter what, your bowler hat will be a go-to for a unique and memorable look.


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