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4 Best Hats for Your Easter Sunday Outfit

lady wearing besa 9 cloche hat for easter

You’re already thinking ahead to one of the biggest fashion days of the year: Easter. But as you scope out your Easter-best outfit, you can’t forget to cap it off with the perfect hat.

Wearing a fresh ensemble with the perfect hat to boot is the perfect way to remind everybody around you that you can clean up nicely, too. And, more importantly, you can do it better than anyone else. The question is, which hats for Easter are the right fit for you and your celebratory spring garb?

Here’s a rundown on the top four hats for today’s Easter Sunday outfits.


1. Fedora Hats

man wearing storm gray fedora hat for easter

These classy hats make the perfect hats for the Easter holiday, as they’re arguably some of today’s most stylish caps. Ideal for both men and women, these hats for Easter are known for their soft, comfortable brims, which you can snap down or up based on your preference.

The Salem Braided Fedora, for example, is a subtle and classy option for your outfit. Designed by Bailey 1922, it features high-quality Toyo braid as the backdrop for a colorful striped band encircling the crown. It pairs well with a suit of the same color or an ensemble that features accent colors that match the hat’s, creating a cohesive and put-together look that fits wonderfully at Easter brunches and picnics.

The fedora’s crown is usually pinched on the sides as well as at the front, which creates a unique look. This look will always remain in style, so it will look as good in 2023 as it did in 1923.


2. Ivy Hats

Kangol Wool 504 hat for easter sunday

Ivy hats are great for Easter Sunday outfits for both men and women. These hats, also known as flat caps, stand out for their round shape, stiff brim, and low profile. Hatters love them because they offer a uniquely stylish and sporty option compared with other hat styles.

The Kangol Wool 504, for instance, is a fashionable addition to any Easter outfit. This attractive cap features a svelte, classy design made with wool felt — perfect for chilly Easter mornings. It’s a statement-making, comfortable hat that is great to pair with a casual Easter top like a polo, sophisticated sweater, or handsome collared shirt.

Ivy hats aren’t quite as formal as the fedora, but it is a much classier option than a baseball cap, making it the ideal Easter ensemble addition.


3. Wide-Brim Hats

woman in raffia wide-brim hat for easter

When it comes to hats for Easter, you can never go wrong with the wide-brim hat. Women love these hats because nothing says “look at me” like them. These hats aren’t for the timid in spirit: They’re made for the confident, natural-born fashionista who doesn’t mind strutting her stuff in new headwear.

The Newport Standard Bretton, for instance, is a chic and classic crown for your Easter outfit. Made with Raffia braid, this hat stands out for its round crown and brim that can be turned up or down for a variety of looks. It also includes a UPF 50+ rating, perfect for sunny outdoor Easter brunches.

Feel free to wear your wide-brim hat with Easter Sunday outfits featuring dresses of all styles, like flowy dresses with ruffle sleeves, pleated dresses with pockets, or stunning A-line dresses. Everything looks great when paired with this wide-brim hat.


4. Panama Straw Hats

Tessier panama straw hat for easter

No list of hats for Easter would be complete without these hats. Panama straw hats are attractive, lightweight, and easy to pair with your outfit. That makes them perfect for a sunny Easter day that you’re hoping will chase the winter blues away.

An Ecuador original, the Panama straw hat is woven from a toquilla palm’s straw. As a result, it will immediately make you feel as though you’re on a tropical getaway or celebrating a beach day right in the middle of spring.

For example, try the Tessier Panama Fedora, which can easily add both warmth and formality to your Easter outfit. This hat features a grad crown encircled by Japanese grosgrain trim, as well as a finely woven sweatband for comfort and a removable duck feather for extra flair. With this hat, which pairs well with a gray or tan shirt or suit, you’ll instantly sport an easy, breezy look for Easter year after year.


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