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5 Times This Winter You'll Definitely Need (Or Want!) A Hat

man wearing a winter hatman wearing a winter hat


When winter comes, no one can argue against the need for a warm hat. Winter wear is essential in the frigid air, and the desire to be cozy while still projecting a proud presence and personal style isn’t just an afterthought. Of course, you’ll want to think about the different types of men’s winter hats and winter hats for women that suit specific winter situations. 


As long as you choose the right hat and dress it appropriately for the weather or occasion, you can be sure of a confident look even in the cold. Here are five times this winter you’ll need a hat:


When Attending Celebratory Events and Occasions


Through autumn and winter in the U.S., you’re more likely to be in a celebratory mood as you welcome Christmas and New Year celebrations. That means spending more time with family, relatives, and friends. Despite the cold weather, small occasions are the norm during winter, and that means you’ll need a good hat to keep warm.


For men’s winter hats, nothing beats the appeal of fedora hats. They’re perfect for a classic look, they’re comfortable, and they look great dressed up or down. Fedoras are a must-have accessory when you want to look elegant while staying warm during winter occasions. 


When Attending a Formal Business Event


Despite the challenges, business continues as usual during winter. However, your wardrobe changes significantly during the cold weather. You’ll obviously switch to warmer formal business outfits designed for winter and need a hat to keep warm. There’s no better way to look stylish than wearing a classic newsboy cap. It’s perfect for commuting and workplace wear. 


A flat cap with thicker wool does wonders in ensuring a simple yet elegant style while keeping your head warm. Combine it with a long coat and thick wool scarf to complete the look. Newsboy caps are one of the most popular men’s winter hats today and for a good reason. Imagine the Peaky Blinders Shelby look - iconic and sharp for any formal business event.


When Spending Time Outdoors


For some, winter means spending even more time outdoors exploring in the icy woods, playing with kids in the snow, hunting deer, or simply connecting with nature. Spending extended time outdoors means you need to stay warmer - a fur hat becomes a must-have accessory. A trapper hat is an all-time favorite for spending more time outdoors. 


It’s warm, available in various styles, and a great choice when looking for winter hats for women or men’s winter hats. The right trapper hat should come with flexible ear flaps, and a nice thick fur lining both inside and outside. This hat is perfect when it’s extremely cold outside.  


When Running Small Errands in and Around Home


Just like any other time of the year, you’ll still need to run errands. You have work to do both inside and outside the house, need to rush to the grocery store, work in your garage, and even play with your kids and pets in the backyard. Whether you’re running errands or doing what you do best, you need a warm hat, and one of the simplest options is a beanie. 


woman wearing a winter beaniewoman wearing a winter beanie


Beanies and pull ons are perfect for keeping warm while creating a unique street-style or relaxed look. From earflap beanies to paneled beanies and cuffed beanies to rolled beanies, there’s a wide variety to choose from when looking for women’s or men’s winter hats


When You Need to Sleep Warmer at Night


We’ve all experienced it during winter - those nights that get too cold, causing sleeping problems. Well, if you need to sleep warmer at night, then you’ll definitely need or want to wear a hat. Think of those cold nights you might spend in a cabin or camping in the woods. A warm hat and outfit can help you sleep way better during winter. 


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