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7 Hat Trends to Expect in 2023

Hats are the perfect add-ons to effortlessly take every outfit to a ten. The right hat can make you look glamorous and chic, while also elevating your look to suit different occasions.

Whether you’re planning brunch with your friends or have a late-evening cocktail party to attend, there’s a hat for every mood and vibe.

They’re fun, trendy, and a total game-changer in every fashionista’s wardrobe, and every year brings new styles. Here’s a rundown of the best 2023 hat styles you absolutely need in your closet!


1. The Furgora Beret

Pine Kangol Furgora Beret

Fur is a material that screams luxury whether it’s on a dress or a hat. And hats like the Furgora Beret are one of our top picks for the best hat trends you can expect in 2023. 

This is a versatile piece that can be paired with most outfits to add some street-style charm. From casual outfits to dressy looks, you can rock this with almost anything and stand out without effort. It’s a must-have staple piece to grace your fall and winter wardrobe!


2. The Jacquard Knit Bucket Hat

Jacquard knit bucket hat

Everyone loves jacquard knits. These woven patterns are a delight for everyone who loves experimenting with their style and wearing bold patterns, and it’s another 2023 hat trend you need to get your hands on. 

Jacquard knits come in a variety of designs, and we love this Nature Flip Lahinch hat with a blocked floral and sharkstooth pattern. The knitting style coupled with the texture makes this 2023 hat style truly eye-catching.

Pair it with equally loud outfits to take the world by storm every time you step out!


3. The Y2K Balaclava

Red balaclava cap

Y2K styles are here to stay and the Y2K Balaclava has confidently secured their place in the hat trends that will reign in 2023.

If you want to look like a total fashion icon while also staying warm and comfy, we recommend getting one of these. It’s an iconic casual hat for everyday wear in chilly weather, and gets extra brownie points for versatility because you can wear them as is or cuff up the bottom to wear them like a cute beanie.


4. The Wide-Brimmed Raffia Hat

Wide-brimmed raffia hat

Trends come and go but wide-brimmed raffia hats never go out of style! The clean design and sharp silhouette of this Dora, an elegant bucket hat, will add a touch of class and elegance to anything you wear.

The braided raffia is a head-turner and is one of the top hat trends you’ll see in 2023. You can pair this 2023 hat style with a casual shirt and pants, a flowy white dress, or even a suit in neutral colors to own the look. Whether it’s fall, winter, summer, or spring, this is a timeless piece you can rock 365 days a year!


5. The Leather Cap

Leather cap

We love everything leather — and hats are no different! If you need something casual yet sporty, then a leather hat is exactly what you need. The Stacey leather cap is a nod to the urban street aesthetic that looks and feels modern.

Leather caps are super versatile accessories that can be worn in every season and on most occasions for an effortlessly fresh look — making it a top hat trend for 2023.

Pair it with sporty bomber jackets, plush pullovers, oversized sweatshirts, or clean-cut outfits with strong silhouettes to complete the ensemble.


6. The Exaggerated Bow-Detail Beret

Beret with bow detail

80s French Couture receives a dashing addition in this Monty hat. Inspired by the best of French high fashion, this beret features an over-the-top bow detail that’s hard to miss.

The soft fabric and rounded silhouette of the beret stand in stark contrast with the hard outline of the bow, making this a stunning hat trend you need to prepare for in 2023.

Any look you create with this beauty will exude a sophisticated elegance that will make you the center of attraction. Dress up plain outfits with this trendy 2023 hat style or pair it with equally exaggerated fits to turn heads everywhere you go.


7. The Modern Army Cap

Red army cap

Looking for a new everyday wear hat to replace your old one? Then look no further than this Stretch Fit Army Cap, the modern overhaul of army caps into a clean, minimalistic shape with solid colors. 

This is one 2023 hat trend that you can’t miss. It’s a versatile piece that will become the highlight of your everyday wardrobe — the perfect cap to add some extra spice to your outfit without overdoing it!


Stay On Top of the Latest Styles

Get ready to take on 2023 with the latest hat trends and styles from the suggestions above. Pair them with your favorite outfits and experiment with your style to create avant-garde looks that will have all eyes on you every time you step out.

At, we help you stay on top of your fashion game by keeping you in the know when it comes to trendy hats for casual and dressy looks alike. We’ve curated our selection so that anyone can find designer and high-quality hats that fit their style. See the look and get yours today!