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A Hat For Every Resolution

A man wearing a sports capA man wearing a sports cap

The right hat can elevate your style and add some flair to your wardrobe. It’s a simple accessory that makes a statement about your style and persona. The truth is, the hat game is a tough one to get into, but once you’re hooked, you won’t truly feel dressed without wearing one. The beauty of it is there’s a hat for every occasion, from athletic hats, to smart casual, to garden hats


Choosing the right one for your resolution might be a challenge, so we’ve listed some of the best types of hats for any occasion so you can select a couple to complete your look. 


Baseball Cap for Outdoor Physical Activity


Baseball caps are unmistakable - they’ve stood the test of time thanks to their ability to be worn with just about anything. They’re perfect for comfortable outdoor wear and ideal for any physical activity. They have a softly rounded crown, offering an excellent fit and reliable protection in the summer. It’s a great athletic hat for any sporty or weekend casual look. 


Gardening Caps for Gardening 


Expand your gardening skills this year, and reap the rewards. Gardening hats feature wide brims to protect your face from the sun, wind, and rain in the garden, and a loose-fitting crown for a comfortable fit, an adjustable chin cord, and a moisture-wicking sweatband to ensure maximum comfort even in the hottest days. They’re the perfect companion for your gardening needs and are casual enough for garden or beachwear.   


Beanie Hat for Comfortable Winter Wear


The beanie hat is for anyone looking for a warm and comfortable winter hat. It’s made of soft, warm wool that’s moisture-wicking and is a perfect athletic hat for autumn and winter sports activities and outdoor activities like hiking and camping. It’s a must-have in any wardrobe due to its all-around comfort and versatile style with any casual or semi-formal look. 


Bucket Hat for Sunny Days and Cool Vibes


The bucket hat is classic and one of the best choices for taking casual attire up another level. It’s easy to dress up or down and perfect for those sunny days when you want a relaxed and cool vibe for your casual outfit. Bucket hats from designer brands like Kangol make a strong statement. They provide 360-degree sun protection with a timeless look for any day and can also be worn as an athletic hat for outdoor summer activities.  


Fedora Hat for a Formal Look


Is your resolution to simply be more stylish in the new year? Maybe it’s to pick up a new job with a sharp new look. Fedora hats were once a mainstay of the iconic 40s and 50s business world. Their appeal has grown in popularity over the years, making them a standout piece with any formal clothing. With an indented crown and a lengthwise crease pinched near the front on both sides, you can’t deny the versatility of this fashionable men’s hat. Fedoras, just like bowler or derby hats, are perfect for formal or semi-formal styling. 


Newsboy/Flat Cap for a High-Profile Iconic Look 


Both the newsboy and flat caps are iconic hats with rich history among the working-class. In recent years, the ivy/flat cap has emerged as dressy weekend wear for younger men. It’s a first preference for wearing a suit. Both men and women embrace the newsboy. Thanks to the premium wool felt material, it’s a fashionable and functional hat for any weather. It compliments any smart-casual, straight casual, or formal, high-profile look. 


Pork Pie Hat for Smart Casual Dress Code


The pork pie is a worthy addition to a list of cool hats for any man’s smart casual dress code. A close cousin of the stylish fedora, this smaller and round porkpie hat features a flat crown and a brim that curls slightly upward. It’s the perfect hat to match any smart-casual suit. Its style stands out, especially if you love bold casual or formal looks. Just like athletic hats or garden hats, the pork pie can be worn by men and women.


Boater Hat for Summer Vacation and Trips


If your resolution includes more travel time, a boater hat is just the thing. Typically lighter in color and weight, the stylish boater is the perfect warm-weather hat for that fun-loving summer vacation vibe. The hat boasts a sturdy construction and is highly breathable to ensure comfortable and stylish all-day wear during your trip or weekend outings. It’s a perfect spring and summer accessory and blends nicely with summer season wear and colored cloth accents. 

gray cowboy hatgray cowboy hat

Western & Cowboy Hats for Vintage-Inspired Style


Whether for function or fashion, western hats are for every man or woman who loves the traditional western style, attitude, and look. These hats make a statement and offer excellent head protection against the elements. They’re a perfect accessory for a vintage-inspired style that suits your cowboy lifestyle or unique western fashion sense. You can wear it on the ranch, on weekends, and even when working in the summer because it’s cool, comfortable, and rugged. 


Trilby Hat for a Fashionable Modern Look


Looking to emerge from your shell and be more social in the coming year? The trilby hat sports a pure retro vibe with a low angle brim and owns its own tiny corner in any man’s hat collection. It’s arguably the most stylish men’s hat and is a great pick when you want to create a fashionable modern look. It’s one of the most socially accepted hats - you can wear it in any social event day or night and look pretty damn fine in casual or semi-formal wear. 


Outback Hat for the Modern Outdoorsman


The outback is a rugged hat for the modern outdoorsman. It’s great for work and recreational activities during the warmer and hotter months and smooth to the touch with incredible durability meant to offer maximum protection in all conditions. Outback hats feature wide brims, comfortable crowns with comfortable sweatbands, and a robust outdoor appearance and style. 


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