It's that time of year when students have a peculiar mix of dread and excitement. It's a bummer that summer is nearing its end, but there is also anticipation for all of the new experiences that the upcoming school year may bring. Back to school is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings! That may mean a different group of friends, a more studious approach to schoolwork, or an effort to pick up new hobbies. For many, back to school is the perfect time for a wardrobe update. If you're looking for a change in your style, or just want to accent the vibe you already have going, scooping up some fresh hats is a great way to get the school year started!

The beginning of the school year is marked by the transition of summer into fall. It often seems like the heat will never leave, then all of the sudden you're out in a t-shirt and realize it's time to break out your jacket. Realizing that, our Back to School in Style category features both summer and fall styles. Stock up now and be prepared for whatever the seasonal change throws your way. You can see both the season and material content on each hat's product page; good details to consider when buying hats for a variety of temperatures.