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Breaking Bad and Heisenberg's Pork Pie Hat

Ever just get an urge to take on a new identity for awhile? That notion is certainly taken to the extreme by Walter White in the popular, critically-acclaimed television show"Breaking Badâ". The AMC drama is considered by many to be one of the best shows on television, known for well-crafted writing, intense acting, and astounding cinematography. One of the many gems that the show has to offer is the incredible acting talents of Bryan Cranston, in the role of Walter White.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFor those who haven't seen the show, Walter is a suburbanite, high school chemistry teacher who is stricken with cancer in the first season. He also has the responsibility of taking care of a wife, a newborn child, and a teenage son with cerebral palsy. Through a series of events involving his brother-in-law in the DEA, Walter is introduced to the New Mexico crystal meth scene. He decides to use his chemistry skills to cook some high-quality meth to help pay his family's bills and build up a financial nest-egg for his family in case he passes away from cancer.\r\n\r\nThe show follows his increased involvement in major meth-amphetamine distribution, to the point that he actually becomes a major player in his region. Along with that, he undergoes a major personality and lifestyle transformation. His evolution, starting mildly with the decision to shave his head before cancer makes the decision for him, involves him forming an alter-ego under the alias "Heisenberg". White, or Heisenberg depending on how you know him, also wears a black windbreaker, dark sunglasses, and a thick goatee. But the coolest part of his visual alteration has to be the striking pork pie hat that can often be seen resting on his bald head.\r\n\r\nThe black pork pie has become a signature part of the show, and a much easier way for fans to emulate Heisenberg than starting a major crystal meth operation. We have noticed an increase in sales on for the Bollman Collection 1940's Pork Pie Hat and attribute some of that to the popularity of the show. Pick up a pork pie or top off your own alter-ego's look with one of our many unique hats.