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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Green Hat!

There are several reasons that the color green became associated with the Irish holiday. Although some historical accounts say blue was originally the color of St. Patrick's Day, it changed to green in the 1600s. Here are some reasons that green became the popular color for celebrating:

  • Ireland has a lush, green landscape€ that earned it the nickname the "Emerald Isle"€.
  • The Irish flag has green as one of it's three colors (green, orange, and white).
  • Shamrocks are green. They were used by St. Patrick as an aid in teaching the Holy Trinity while attempting to convert pagans to Christianity. The three leaves symbolized the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • In the 17th century, Americans celebrating St. Patrick's Day thought that wearing green would make them invisible to leprechauns and other fairy creatures. It was desirable to hide from these creatures because they would pinch anybody that they were able to see.

It can be really fun to go out and get goofy, green novelty hats that MIGHT last you until the end of the night. On the other hand, you might consider picking out a hat from our selection of green styles. It could become your annual tradition to wear it every St. Patrick's Day, or you might find that you like it so much that it becomes part of your regular wardrobe. Who knows, it might even become your lucky hat!

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Wheat Braid Arnold Trilby by Kangol


Telemannes Braided Pork Pie by Bailey of Hollywood


USA Tropic 504 Ventair by Kangol

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