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Curating a Hat Wardrobe For 2021

colorful hats in a circlecolorful hats in a circle

Hats are a great way to complete or highlight an outfit by adding a unique style to it. While a pair of jeans, a simple white dress shirt, and a well-fitting suit are all part of building a perfect modern wardrobe, we often overlook what we put on our heads. There are so many styles of hat out there that it can seem difficult to make decisions, but curating an excellent hat collection that is both functional and stylish is actually easier than you think. 


Here’s our curated list of must-have hat styles for your 2021 wardrobe. 


The Baseball Cap


A baseball cap is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. The trucker cap, a variation of the classic baseball with an adjustable snapback, is one of the best foundations of your hat wardrobe. The best trucker hat will provide a customized fit, padded comfort, moisture-wicking material, and a comfy sweatband for moisture management. The style is perfect for complementing your casual jeans and tee outfit or for that vintage and stylish look for any outdoor or sports activity. 


The Fedora


A hat collection is not complete without a fedora. The fedora hat is an iconic brimmed felt hat that’s easily distinguished by its dents and pinches on its crown. It’s one of the most popular hats today, with a rich history stretching back to the 1950s. A felt fedora should be part of your 2021 wardrobe as it provides that extra warmth to your head during autumn and winter. It’s a perfect hat to instill a level of confidence. It’s great for formal and smart-casual looks. 


The Knit Cap/Beanie


From classic beanies to watch caps, the simple knit cap is the winter version of the baseball cap for summer wear. If you don’t have one yet in your hat collection, you should get yourself a beanie. It’s versatile and can easily be styled to fit any look, from cool street styles to winter wear style. It looks great with anything - an oversized overcoat, a t-shirt, or a puffy jacket. It’s the perfect hat for winter wear. 


The Cowboy Hat


This one is for only those occasions where only an authentic cowboy hat will work. Usually, that’s where cowboys work - on ranches, on a farm, or maybe at a bar where a properly executed two-step is a rite of passage. However, you can still wear a cowboy hat for the right occasion - during a family picnic in the outbacks or an outdoor event. If you’re looking for a hat that boasts a western-inspired style that stands out, add a cowboy hat to your hat collection.


Panama Hat


The classic white straw fedora or Panama hat is a standard hat style for effortless summer style with a bit of classic Hollywood flair. It’s available in white and other versions like caramel, making it an excellent pick for any summertime outing - dinners, random stops at the local farmer’s market, outdoor tasks at home, and that stylish vacation look. It can also complement a seersucker suit perfectly and look great with a simple tee and chinos or shorts.


The Ivy/Flat Cap

male model wearing beige ivy or flat cap male model wearing beige ivy or flat cap

The ivy or flat cap is popular amongst celebrities and television stars. These hats boast a humble background, worn by farmers and chimney sweepers, and other hard-working folks years back. If you’re looking for a formal hat that commands attention for your hat collection, get a flat cap or the more iconic newsboy. These hats look sharp as a part of any formal or smart-casual outfit year-round. 


The Bucket Hat


Inspired by the birth of hip-hop culture and WWII sailors, the bucket hat is also a must-have for your 2021 hat wardrobe. It’s well known for its iconic street or urban vibe. It’s perfect for summer wear - easy to throw on your head, easy to roll-up into a back pocket while offering a simple yet cool look. Wear it with jeans and camp shirts or a simple tee and shorts for that timeless and comfortable look in any setting.


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Whether you want to keep your head warm during winter, protect your face from the sun, or simply add some elegance to your outfit, there are lots of hat styles to choose from today. Take your fashion game from drab to fab with a stylish fedora or instantly look cool with a beanie, bucket hat, or fancy patterned newsboy cap. There’s a style for everyone, and every occasion, with lots of unique colors to complete your casual, semi-formal, or formal outfit. 


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