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Fall Fashion Hat Trends to Watch For

woman wearing fall fashion hat while sitting in open fieldwoman wearing fall fashion hat while sitting in open field

Autumn is in full swing, and hat trends are starting to pop up! Fall is one of the most fashionable seasons of the year, with colorful leaves, crisp fall air, and bold fashion statements. It's never too early to be prepared for the fall season by stocking up on your favorite hats. 


For fall fashionistas who want to be on the cutting edge of trends this year, it's time for you to start your search for the best fall hats now. Before you go out in the cold unprepared, we’ll help you with some helpful tips on fall fashion hat trends to watch for this fall season.


Fur Hats

Like every fall, fur hats will be a big trend this season. Fall fashion hat trends are all about texture, and stylish fur accessories are a great way to make an understated yet bold statement. Fur hats are perfect for that extra touch of warmth as fall sets in. Whether you want to compliment your fall coat, a simple fall dress, or just spice up your fall wardrobe, fur hats are the way to go. 


Fur hats are a fall fashion hat trend that will never go out of style. Its luxurious material will make you feel like royalty at any price point, so now's the time to indulge in an investment piece and enjoy it for years to come.


You can find your favorite fur hats in animal prints, fun textures, fancy patterns, and even some fall-themed colors like burgundy, mustard hues, pumpkin spice, and caramel. You can be sure they’re an elegant fall fashion hat trends that you'll definitely fall in love with this season.


Wide Brim Fedoras

wide brim Bailey of Hollywood Godwin fedora hatwide brim Bailey of Hollywood Godwin fedora hat

If you’re looking for a fall fashion hat that’s a real showstopper, consider a wide brim fedora. One of the best fall hats for men is the Godwin Fedora, an unlined hat that features a long teardrop crown, flat brim, and is trimmed with a leather band with a signature double triangle fold.

Betmar Georgia as a wide brim fall fashion hatBetmar Georgia as a wide brim fall fashion hat

For women, the Betmar Georgia is a clean and classic piece. Designed with soft wool felt in a no-trim design, this minimalist hat pairs well with the muted earthy colors of iconic fall outfits.

Slouchy Beanies with Pom-Poms

This fall fashion hat trend will most likely make an appearance at Thanksgiving dinner. Slouchy beanies with pom-poms, like the Georgina Beanie, are the best fun and casual fall hats that pair wonderfully with dresses, jeans, or even work attire.


These hats keep you warm, comfortable, stylish, and fashionable at the same time. No matter what day or season it may be, fall will never leave your mind with one of these timeless and trendy beanies on!


Classic Fedoras

A stack of classic fall fashion fedora hatsA stack of classic fall fashion fedora hats

Looking for something sophisticated for a walk through a breezy fall park? Look no further than a classic fedora. With a pinched crown and smooth grosgrain ribbon, the Floyd Fedora is a masculine hat fitting the suave style of any country gentleman.


Wool Berets

This year introduces another fall fashion hat: wool berets. Their popularity proves that these are some of the best fall hats! They are made from the same material as wool coats, so they keep your head warm in the autumn chill. Whether you want to add a French twist to your everyday style or express your fall fashion sense, you can't go wrong with a new wool beret hat.


When wearing these hats, remember to wear them according to their color tones or mix and match your wardrobe. Black wool berets look great when worn alone or matched up with fall colors. Brown fall berets are perfect for fall fashionistas who want to pair their hat with their fall clothes. Burgundy wool hats are another fall fashion hat that works well when paired up with brown or olive green, so they’re ideal for matching fall outfits without adjusting your color palette too much.


Felt Fedoras

The best fedoras for fall feature both classic and contemporary styling. You can find these fall fedoras in neutral tones like black, khaki, or navy that will go with anything you wear this season.


With an unassuming presentation, a felt fedora is a more natural-looking fall fashion hat trend. Its brim can act as a shield against the cold wind during the fall season and keep your head warm, all while giving you a stylish look. For the fall season, there are two types of felt you want to watch out for: wool felt and fur felt.


Wool Felt

The Sterne Fedora in ochreThe Sterne Fedora in ochre

The classic material used for these hats is wool felt, such as our Sterne Fedora. Its sleek wool felt brim and crown trimmed with a Japanese grosgrain ribbon make for a refined and modern fall fashion hat.


The best fall hats are an investment piece that will last for years to come and provide you with the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, whether it's dressy or casual. You can pair your wool felt fedora with an elegant fall dress, a pair of skinny jeans, a cozy sweater, or a thick coat. Whatever the outfit, your wool felt hat is there to complement it.


Fur Felt

The Trinell Fedora, one of the best fall hatsThe Trinell Fedora, one of the best fall hats

Fur felt is less common than wool felt. However, it’s more durable and serviceable, making for a more premium hat. Our Trinell Fedora captures that premium quality with a truly standout look. In combination with its felt, its hand-pleated lambskin pug band holding a feather combination creates a striking look for your autumn outings.


The right accessory really makes or breaks an outfit, so get a classy flat brim felt fedora, a fall fashion hat trend with a timeless feel.


Bucket Hats that Make a Statement

woman wearing fall fashion bucket hat with flowy topwoman wearing fall fashion bucket hat with flowy top

Whether you’re shopping for men or women, bucket hats are a favorite if you're looking to add some fall flair to your wardrobe. Their wide downward-sloping brims come in bold fall fashion hat colors like red, maroon, and orange. 


Bucket hat brims offer the right amount of coverage and effortlessly elevate a variety of outfits. Whether you want to create an extravagant look, a fall-inspired outfit, or you're simply looking for a fall hat with extra flair and coverage, the wide downward-sloping brim bucket hat is one of your best options. It's an easy-to-wear new fall fashion hat trend that will keep you comfortable all day long. 


You can wear it with a fall dress or tights and boots while running errands, a cute top with jeans on your lunch break, with a loose long-sleeved shirt, and many more outfits. The best part about the best fall hats is that they fit most head sizes and come in a range of materials like wool felt, cotton twill fabric, and velvet. 


Western-Inspired Fedoras

The Architect Western Fedora as an upcoming fall hat trendThe Architect Western Fedora as an upcoming fall hat trend

Emblematic of freedom and a wildness fused with sophistication, it’s only natural that a Western fedora would be a trendy look among falling leaves and gorgeous early sunsets. The fur felt Architect Western Fedora is the classy modernization of Western fashion, with a 4” Cattleman Crown wrapped in a Japanese grosgrain ribbon and lined with a leather sweatband. Handcrafted as part of the Bailey of Hollywood hat collection, this truly is an iconic and premium hat for the Western fall fashion hat trend.


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