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Find Yourself in a Hat at the Beach

woman in hat holding a seashell on the beach

The ocean is calling your name, and you’re ready to answer the call on vacation this summer. You’ve already got your swimsuits picked out, your sunblock set aside, and your sandals on your “to bring” list. But you’re missing one thing: your hat.


A hat for the beach is a must-have accessory for every beach lover due to its style, its comfort, and protection it provides against harmful solar rays. It’s a fashionable way to safeguard your skin against cancer and premature aging while you’re enjoying the beach.


So, what’s the best beach hat for 2023? Let’s explore the top hats for the beach to add to your suitcase this summer.


man in orange wearing straw beach hat


1. Top Hats for the Beach Include the Bondi Straw Hat


Ready to take your 2023 beach style up a notch? One of the most fashionable yet functional sun hats available today is the Coolibar Bondi straw hat for the beach.


This beach hat has a four-inch brim and is rated as Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF, 50+, meaning it is guaranteed to shield you from 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet A and B rays. This is invaluable given that ultraviolet A rays contribute to skin aging, and ultraviolet B rays can cause skin burning.


The fedora-style Bondi straw hat is also easy on the eye and designed to stand the test of time. This beauty’s crown band is made of durable leather, and it comes with chin straps that further add flare to the headwear. This natural-fiber hat comes with a handy internal sweatband to keep you cool as well.


woman in white and black visor


2. Beach Visor


No list of the best hats for the beach would be complete without a cotton and polyester visor, like the Kangol beach visor. This wide-brimmed hat (3.5-inch brim) is made of a comfortable towel/terry material. It’s also easy to pack up for your next trip: Its concealed elastic loop and adjustable rear strap make rolling up, securing, and transporting the hat to the ocean easy. You’ll also fall in love with this visor’s front logo, color-blocking technique, and contrast binding, which gives it a modern and fresh vibe.


woman in tan wide-brimmed hat


3. Shannon Wide-Brimmed Hat


If you’re a fan of wide-brimmed hats but don’t necessarily like visors, choose a hat for the beach like the Coolibar Shannon wide-brimmed beach hat. This rollable paper straw hat makes it easy to elegantly and completely shield your neck and face. The hat’s 5.5-inch has a UPF rating of 50+ and turns downward slightly to protect you from excess sun. In addition, the crown and brim feature an attractive grosgrain weave combined with a paper braid and black ribbon for an extra-sophisticated touch.


Grey mesh back baseball hat


4. Hydro A-Game Baseball Cap


Make a stylish splash this summer with the Merlin Hydro A-Game baseball hat. This is another perfect hat for the beach that’s made with quick dry water beading panels that will keep you dry. Merlin hats are UPF 30+ rated and were made for the water. It even floats!


In addition, this fashionable cap’s signature secret stash pocket and soft touch snapback are sure to make your day just a little more relaxing and comfortable.


man and woman in brown gambler hats


5. 305S Gambler


Another popular hat for the beach is the Trimmed & Crowned 305S Gambler hat. This pork pie–style Panama gambler features a 2 ⅜-inch brim and 4.5-inch telescope crown for the perfect fit and level of sun protection. The toquilla palm hat is finished with an attractive feather and bow, as well as a matching tonal grosgrain. You’re sure to draw all eyes for all the right reasons when you add this American-made hat to your beach ensemble this year.


woman in black bucket hat


6. Ella Bucket Hat


Looking for a sophisticated yet minimalistic-looking hat? The Helen Kaminski Ella Bucket Hat is the best beach hat. This bucket hat features a medium brim (eight centimeters) and a UPF 50+ rating for stellar sun protection. The cotton lining is also breathable and lightweight, and the size of the lining channel can easily be adjusted for the perfect fit. The hat’s stripe piping details along the brim edge only add to the appeal of this gorgeous summertime essential.


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