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Get the Look: True Grit

It's been tough waiting it out until June for True Grit to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD, but until then, you can add some True Grit to your own life! The days of the Wild West are gone, but the style will never die. Check out some hats that will add a rough edge to your look.

1. Rooster Cogburn

The rough and tumble lead character is as grumpy as can be. Coarse, rude, a drunk and ruthless . . . and somehow, he's ultimately a good man. His unwashed fashion sense is topped off with the pinnacle of a "distressed" hat. While it takes years to truly "break in" a hat to his standards, you can modernize (and clean up) with Bailey Western's Quigley Hat or Caxton Hat. To distress it yourself to look like Rooster's, you'll need to do a lot of work! But the high crown and simple brim echo his style.

Some distressing tips to look like Rooster:

  • Remove the band
  • Use sand paper to create the illustion of wear
  • Rub dirt into the outer shell, smack to remove dirt, repeat
  • Drive over it with a car (seriously, it will loosen the shape)
  • More distressing information can be found here

2. Mattie Ross

Sweet and innocent looking, the young Miss Ross proved to be tough as nails, extremely intelligent and willing to do what it took to get what she wanted. Sporting her father's hat, she combined a girl's style with the ruggedness of an outdoor Gambler. To try out the straight brim and cylindrical top, check out Bailey Western's Read Hat. You may not be able to convince an old man to sell you a horse he doesn't want to part with, but you'll look great!

3. LaBouef

Often the butt of Rooster's scorn, LaBouef was the straight arrow law man. Sporting a more typical western look with his leathers and classic hat, his style is much easier to adapt into your wardrobe. Check out Eddy Bros' Broken Arrow Hat or Bailey Western's LiteFelt Reese Hat.

4. Your own western style

While the movie was amazing, you are too! Grab your own Western Style and enjoy!


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