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Great Hats for Travel and Vacations

woman with white hat

Ready to take a break from the day-to-day and enter R&R mode hundreds or thousands of miles away? Better start packing — oh, and don’t forget your hat.

A hat can instantly elevate your vacation style, giving you a gorgeous and unique look. At the same time, it will keep you ready for virtually any weather situation you may face at your destination by protecting your shoulders, neck, ears, nose, face, and hair from the elements.

This versatile and accessible accessory is a must-have for providing both functionality and fashion on your next vacation.

In early times, travel wear was not viewed as a separate apparel category. Soldiers and merchants simply wore clothes and hats that made sense based on their social standing and the weather conditions. Then, in the early 19th century, as more individuals had disposable income and time to travel, wide-brim hats were used to shade both women and men. Hats were also widely used in the early 20th century when cars made their debut. During this time, veils covered women’s hats to protect them from dust, wind, and sun.

Fast-forward to 2023 and hats continue to be a staple for travelers. Let’s go over the best hats for travel and why choosing the right hats for your vacation matters.


Types of Hats for Travel

man with tie dye bucket hatman with tie dye bucket hat


Sun Hats for Travel

Both bucket-style and wide-brim hats made of materials like straw, polyester, and cotton can shield you from excess sun. Bucket hats, like the Kangol Tie Dye Bucket, offer the most sun coverage. However, a wide-brimmed hat can also be effective, extending sun coverage to your entire face, the back of the neck, and your ears. Look for hats with a UPF rating of at least 30, although a 50-plus rating is ideal. In addition, stick with bright or dark colors, such as navy blue, red, and black, which absorb more ultraviolet rays than lighter hues.


woman with wide brim hat and basketwoman with wide brim hat and basket


Packable Hats for Travel

Also, look for packable hats for your vacation. Examples of these include floppy/wide-brim hats, like the Helen Kaminski Jolie Cloche. These types of packable hats can easily be tossed into your beach bag or suitcase, then worn at your vacation spot without structural damage. To pack your hat without damaging it, make sure the hat’s crown or brim is aimed down. Then, pack some clothes around your hat to cushion it against the bumps you may encounter on your journey.


black rain hat with stringblack rain hat with string


Rain Hats for Travel

Headed to a rainy vacation location? Don’t forget to pack your rain hat. Rain hats are made of either water-resistant or waterproof materials. Waterproof options, like the Betmar Rachel Rain Hat with its panel round crown, offer the best protection against a downpour, as water cannot penetrate them. Meanwhile, water-resistant hats repel only some water, not all of it.

To choose a rain hat, consider features like ventilation, which will keep excess heat from being trapped underneath your hat, and brim size. In addition, choose the style that suits your needs. Panel round and bucket hats are great for casual situations, while wide-brim hats can add glamor to any outfit.


man wearing a wool hatman wearing a wool hat


Winter Hats for Travel

Winter hats are perfect for cold-weather destinations. Look for winter hats made with faux fur, fleece, and wool, like the Kangol Wool Ushanka. Choose a winter hat with materials that best match your winter coat for a cohesive look.


man wearing a palm hatman wearing a palm hat


Styling Hats for Travel

To choose the perfect hats for vacation, choose a hue that complements your wardrobe. Be sure to also coordinate your hats with your accessories, like your necklace and purse. In addition, choose different types of hats for different types of vacations. While a bucket hat or baseball cap makes sense at the beach or during an outdoor adventure, a baseball cap or a Panama palm hat, like the Bailey 1922 Roll Up II Panama Fedora, would fit well in the city scene.

The right hat can easily add sophistication to a casual outfit, but you can also dress down a fancy hat for a more casual look. For instance, choose flats or sneakers instead of heels, and wear a denim or leather jacket with your hat for convenient and classy day wear. Keep your hair and makeup natural as well.


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Important factors to consider when shopping include your hat’s practicality, style, and durability, as well as your hat budget. When trying on a hat, consider the shape and size of your face, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and styles.

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