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Hat Hacks: Unlocking the Creative Potential of Old Hats

several hats on display on hat rack

You’ve incorporated quirky hats into your ensemble for years, and every one of them has earned you praise. But as you add new hats to your wardrobe, your older hats find their way to the depths of your closet or your attic, never to be seen or heard from again.

Until now.

Although hats can be stylish outfit toppers, enhancing any ensemble and showcasing your personality, they can be much more. So much more. Finding new uses for your older hats is easy with some of today’s most popular can be reused in mesmerizing and brilliant ways. Let’s explore the top hat hacks for giving your old headgear a new purpose and unlocking its creative potential as hat decor.

From Hat Decor to Welcoming Door Wreaths

Rather than allowing your old hats to remain neglected, create captivating wreaths from them. You can combine pieces and parts of your favorite hats to cleverly make a new all-season wreath hat decor. Choose vibrant bucket hat pieces and sections of an ornate hand-woven pork pie hat featuring both bold and subtle colors to create a welcoming masterpiece. Then, incorporate embellishments like gold and red feathers or brown feathers for a look all your own. Each time visitors stop by your house, you can expect to get compliments on the wreath.

Use Hat Decor to Create a Gorgeous Gallery Wall


Woman wearing a hat in front of creative hat gallery with hats hanging on the wallWoman wearing a hat in front of creative hat gallery with hats hanging on the wall

Love art? One of the top hat hacks is to create an art gallery using your favorite old hats. Got an old Panama fedora you’d like the world to admire? Or, have you rediscovered an old cowboy hat that once allowed you to unleash your inner cowboy? Hang them on nails in place of photos to create a breathtaking hat gallery. Experiment with different types of hats (e.g., berets and gamblers) and hat fabrics (e.g., bamboo and fur belts).

Next, incorporate some other decorative elements, like glowing orbs and wall lamps can add an elegant touch to your walls. Uplighting can bring a warming, soft glow and a modern feel to your room. You can also mix in mirrors or clocks to add a new dimension to your space. If you like Art Deco, add pieces from this 1920s-1930s style to the mix. This style’s pieces stand out for their vibrant colors and bold shapes.

Creating a gallery wall with your hat decor is the perfect way to show off your fun, creative, and eclectic side for all the world (or, at least your family and friends) to see.

Hat Decor Ideas for Creating a Hat Paradise

Tired of your old caps consuming so much space in your room? Add these old hats to various parts of your home, allowing them to mix with the rest of your decor. For instance, place some of your favorite hats on a decorative hat rack in your living room. Or, hang a wall-mounted hat rack on your den wall and hang some of your most stunning hats on it. This will elevate each room’s look with some hat decor, make your caps more organized, and help you more easily access them if you ever want to sport one for the day.


hats stacked on one another in a roomhats stacked on one another in a room

Hat Decor = The Perfect Plantings

The top hat hacks also include using your old caps as planters around the home. For instance, grow peace lilies in boater hats, or let aloe vera grow in your favorite old floppy hats. These hat-and-plant combos will add a fanciful vibe to your living space and create an eccentric garden that will be the envy of all of your green-thumb neighbors.

Wear Elements of Your Hat Around Your Neck

Instead of using it as hat decor, you can also turn your old caps into stylish jewelry pieces for every occasion. For instance, take off decorative components of your hats, like feathers, and use them to create earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. This will give you a unique way to wear jewelry while incorporating your favorite hat styles into your ensemble even on days when you’re going hatless. Don’t be surprised if you get several compliments on your jewelry pieces.

Create Whimsical Lamp Shade Hat Decor

Let there be light! Another one of the best hat hacks for old headgear is to create a lampshade out of an old hat. Simply take off the hat’s inside lining and attach this lining to the frame of a sturdy lampshade. Your new lampshade will add a lovely and distinct look and feel to your space. Use different hat styles and hues to generate the atmosphere you’re going for.

Hat Decor: Your New, Oh-“Sew”-Stylish Pin Cushions

Finally, one of the top hat hacks is to turn your old caps into sewing pin cushions. It’s a great way to embrace both fashion and function. Just wrap batting or polyfill with a section of a hat, like a wool beret, to create your custom, stylish pin cushion. This will make your next sewing project even more enjoyable and further spark your creativity behind the sewing machine.

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