Hat How: The Many Ways to Wear a 504

The Kangol 504 is immensely popular. The only argument I need? Samuel L. Jackson wears them. I win the debate! But the 504 isn't just for movie stars and hip-hop artists. The hat can be worn in a variety of positions on the head, and the sheet number of choices from the Kangol range means you can personalize your look for a signature style.

Here are so images of different ways to wear the hat, and then read below on where to place it on your head or how to match a position to your style.

1. Backwards: high on the crown

  • This is the Sam Jackson look. The bottom edge of the hat creates a ring from the nape of the neck, behind the ears to the top of the head.
  • Considered a traditional hip-hop style of wearing the hat.

2. Backwards: flat on the crown

  • Similar to wearing a backwards baseball cap, the bottom of the hat rests above the eyebrows and ears with the brim protruding straight out the back of the head.
  • Considered more of a modern hip-hop or urban look.

3. Sideways

  • Worn in the same fashion as #2, only with the brim protruding over one ear.
  • Considered more of a modern hip-hop or urban look.

4. Front: flat on the crown and straight forward

  • Worn like a baseball cap, flat on the head with the brim straight over the face. The bottom of the hat rests above the eyebrows and ears.
  • The typical way to wear a hat and considered more mainstream.

5. Front: tilted or skewedv

  • Similar to the style of #5, the hat can either be twisted slightly to the side where the bottom of the hat still sits straight, resting above the eyebrows; or the hat can be tilted so the bottom of the hat sits at a slight angle (closer to one ear than the other).
  • Considered more of an artistic look (think coffee shops and open mike nights)

6. Front: tipped over one eye

  • This look could be considered slightly more feminine as the hat resembles more of a beret or cloche as it is severly tilted forward to hide one eye.
  • Considered feminine and mysterious.

7. Front: high on the crown

  • Tilting the hat backwards to sit high on the head.
  • Considered casual and/or highly stressed.