In our humble opinion, we have the finest selection of quality hats online. We're determined to have a website that matches the same standards. We understand that eCommerce is an environment that constantly changes and evolves. Major players in the online shopping world have drastically raised expectations for site functionality, speed, and ease of navigation. According to, 95% Americans shop online at least yearly. In addition, has declared that 77% of Americans now own a smartphoneas of January 2017. Knowing those statistics, it's no surprise that retailers are scrambling to strategically design websites that operate at the highest levels possible – especially on mobile devices. We're proud to announce that a new will be premiering in June 2017!


Guides on the Homepage

Hats are a very unique item to sell and buy online. The way a hat fits and looks is a very personal thing that depends on an individual's physical attributes and personal tastes. We have several tools available to educate customers on the finer points of hat buying/wearing; our Face Shape Guide and Sizing Guide for example. We realized that, while these tools are helpful, we haven't done the best job of making them easy to find for customers. Our new homepage will put these types of things front and center so customers can effortlessly utilize them!

Social Media Content on the Homepage


Social media is another way that our customers decide what hats they like and what will work for their face and head type. Whether it be following celebrities and models to see the latest trends or just seeing how a hat looks on a regular person, our customers have consistently demonstrated that they absolutely love to see hats being worn in pictures or video before buying. We've taken note of this, and in the future we will feed fresh content from all of our social media outlets directly to our homepage! With seven-in-ten Americans now using social media, and the trend only moving upward, outstanding usage and implementation of social media in retail becomes more important every day.

General Homepage Changes

  • Aesthetically pleasing new color scheme
  • Improved positioning of category and other links
  • Larger, more obvious search bar

Information and images were used from the following websites: