As we mentioned in our last blog, our customers can look forward to a fresh new website coming in June! Our "go live"€ day is approaching fast, so we're happy to let you in on some of the details of our site redesign. Make sure you keep coming back for future updates to see what we're up to; eventually we'll officially announce when you'll be able to shop on the new!



Improvements on Category Landing Pages

Our aim is always to organize our products in a way that creates a smooth, logical, and anxiety-free shopping experience for our customers. This, of course, is a constant struggle as a variety of personalities and needs exist in the online shopping world. For shoppers looking to browse, category landing pages are typically a starting point. A huge convenience on is our layered navigation.

Layered navigation lists several attributes by which customers may want to search. You can go into a general category and narrow it down until you find exactly what you desire. Not only are we cleaning up our current filters to find anything inaccurate or confusing, we're also adding a new filter. "Fabrication" will be a new attribute that customers can use to shop. The material used to make a hat is a very important detail for reasons such as weather/climate needs, comfort factor, and ethical opinions.

Another new feature to our category pages is the "infinite scroll". Instead of having to reload numerous pages, content simply keeps loading as a shopper scrolls down the page. This is especially useful on mobile devices.

Yet another change we're making is to the color swatches that show underneath the products on a category page. Our current design uses general swatches by color family. For example, the Kangol Cotton Twill Army Cap has an "Army Green" color option. If you're looking at the product in a category currently, it will show a general green color swatch underneath the cap. A customer might not typically wear green, but they might wear the more subtle "Army Green". Unfortunately, the customer may not click on the product because the swatch is not perfectly precise. We've recognized that problem and will now feature color tiles that accurately represent the color options available.

Additional Data on Product Pages

Although we're limited by space, we know that there are plenty of customers who want to know every detail about an item that they are buying. Packing as much data onto a product page -while still keeping it uncluttered- is absolutely a priority. While brainstorming, we thought of some new information that we can include with a product. First, we're adding the unique SKU that we use to identify the product behind-the-scenes at This is beneficial in that customers can be confident that they know exactly what product they are viewing, and that they will be able to identify it later if necessary. It's also useful if a customer reaches out to our customer service. Lots of time can be saved when both the customer and representative are certain that they are discussing the exact same product. The second piece of data that we think might be advantageous to customers is to recognize the collection that a hat is from within a brand. Brands create collections within their line of hats to group hats that are similar. Knowing the collection that a hat is in makes customers more familiar with the product and brand, increases trust that a product is genuine, and helps them find other hats that suit their personal tastes.