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A Look at the Hats in HBO's Westworld

Teddy and Dolores from HBO's Westworld

HBO has yet another show in its canon capturing the attention of legions of viewers. With the critical and public response it's receiving, it isn't crazy to think that it has the potential to become the next Game of Thrones or The Sopranoes. Another manifestation of the trend towards long shows with richly detailed characters and multi-episode plot lines, Westworld is the most recent show that has people gathering around the water cooler for intense discussion.

About the Show

Based on the 1973 movie Westworld that was written and directed by novelist Michael Crichton, the show chronicles the happenings at a theme-park where wealthy patrons can become part of a curated alternative realm where they are free to act out their deepest desires and instincts without any fear of facing consequences. Humans interact with extremely realistic androids in an environment that is supposedly safe and insulated from the real world. With weaving storylines, viewers see the moral and ethical dilemmas that occur within the psyches of those within the world, as well as by those who create the experience. In addition to all of the puzzles and questions about human behavior in such a wild setting, the concept of android evolution serves to complicate things even more.

The Hats in Westworld

As with any work that combines complexity with mystery, fans are constantly trying to find symbolism and hidden components within the show. One of the more obvious set of symbols within Westworld is the use of black (or dark) and white (or light) cowboy hats to provide evidence to who is good and who is evil. This very traditional use of color to shed light on a character's motives often gets twisted and altered as the arc of each character progresses throughout the first season. For example, the hats that these characters wear may give some insight into their personality:

Ed Harris playing the Main in Black in Westworld.

Ed Harris playing the Main in Black in Westworld.


Jimmi Simpson and Ben Barnes playing, respectively, William and Logan in Westworld.

James Marsden playing Teddy Flood in Westworld.

James Marsden playing Teddy Flood in Westworld.

Clifton Collins Jr. playing Lawrence/El Lazo in Westworld.

This is especially cool; we noticed the character of Lawrence/El Lazo donning the Wind River by Bailey® Palisade LiteFelt® Western Hat. The character is played by Clifton Collins Jr.


Wind River by Bailey® Palisade LiteFelt® Western Hat

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