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Here Are The Most Iconic Hats You've Seen In The Movies (And Modern Equivalents To Wear Now)

men wearing western hatsmen wearing western hats


Hats and movie characters have had a long-lasting connection since the age of the old westerners. That’s why some styles of hats still conjure images of movie characters with their signature hats. Many famous movies featured characters that wore classic hats that defined them. Some of these movie hats are so iconic that you can now buy them online or in stores. 


Here are some of the most legendary and famous hats you’ve seen in the movies and their modern equivalents that you can wear now. 


Indiana Jones’ Famous Fedora Hat


Famous for his adventures, Indiana Jones always stood out in his outback fedora hat throughout all his great movie scenes - whether it was in intense gunfights, high-speed car chases, or when swinging across wild chasms. Out of all the movie hats in this list, Indiana Jones’ fedora hat is the most iconic and the coolest. Modern fedoras continue to hold this time-honored style.  


Other iconic fedora hats seen in movies include Freddy Krueger’s raggedy fedora in A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Blue Brothers’ fedoras. These hats are made from virtually indestructible elements that combine style and function. Their soft and flexible brims easily snap upwards or downwards to suit your style. 


Walter White’s Pork Pie Hat


Walter White, the main character in AMC’s Breaking Bad series, wears the pork pie hat. Throughout the series, Walter ends up becoming a drug kingpin, gaining more power and confidence. When he grabs his pork pie-style movie hat, his character shifts to the alias “Heisenberg” - a striking personality that represented the fear he strikes in others using intimidation. 


The pork pie still retains an iconic look with a crown flat and brim turned up all around. If you want a hat that enhances your look and feel, you can find both classic and trendy pork pie hat styles online or in stores. 


Peaky Blinders Newsboy Caps (Shelby Hats)


While not a traditional hat, the newsboy flat cap deserves to be on this list. No other movie or show uses headgear to the effect Peaky Blinders does. The unmistakable “Shelby” hat becomes the most recognizable part of the show right from the opening scene to the theme. This movie hat boasts of rich history, making it an excellent accessory for any classic-inspired wardrobe.


Today, you can still rock the sharp Shelby look with trendy newsboy caps, which have made a comeback in recent years. These famous hats (caps) come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. 


John T. Chance’s Old Fashioned Cowboy Hat


John T. Chance plays the peace-keeping westerner sheriff of Presidio County in the classic movie Rio Bravo. He wears an old-fashioned cowboy hat that boosts his pure masculine character with an authentic cowboy appeal. He wears the hat throughout the movie and in many other films to follow. Sharon Stone’s cowboy hat in her role as the “The Lady” in The Quick and the Dead movie is another western hat highlight worth listing here. 


Today, modern versions of the now-famous cowboy and western hats are part of the cowboy, rancher, farmer, and outdoor event lifestyle. Whether for fashion or function, western cowboy hats are a style every man who loves the western look and attitude should own.  


Doughboy's Cap


Ice Cube’s Doughboy baseball cap is another iconic cap that was featured in Boyz in the Hood movie. That movie hat is as iconic as the film itself. It’s still considered one of the coolest hats as it can be worn both forward and backward. Today, baseball caps are synonymous with hip-hop culture, and casual and sporty looks during the warm season. 


The Tramp's Bowler


Charlie Chaplin's bowler hatCharlie Chaplin's bowler hat


Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp movie featured a signature bowler hat that still looks cool today. Whether worn for a classic event or a derby show, bowler hats are designed for the modern man. They’re available with accent flairs like feathers, bows, and other striking features that make it a statement piece on any occasion.


Other Iconic Hats


There are numerous iconic movie hats worth mentioning in this list, including Willy Wonka’s top hat, Harry Porter’s famous wizard hat, Dr. Seuss’s red and white hat, Sherlock Holmes’ deerstalker cap, My Fair Lady’s iconic dress hat, Winston Churchill’s hat, and more. 


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