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Hip Hop Up Top: Hat Fashion in Rap Today

Schoolboy Q wearing a Kangol Casual hat
With Straight Outta Compton bringing N.W.A. back to the forefront of public consciousness, we're reminded how important clothes and apparel can be to an artist's image. The intimidating all-black outfits of N.W.A. were a symbol of the intense dark feelings that the members portrayed in their music. Of course, their outfits would not have been complete without black baseball caps. Their caps often held the logos of sports teams like the L.A. Raiders, L.A. Kings, and Chicago White Sox, as well as their own "N.W.A." and "Compton" logos. It's a reminder that hats have always shined in the hip hop industry. The baseball caps of N.W.A., the fedoras of Run D.M.C., and the Kangol hats that many early rappers wore are just a few examples.

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