Sorry if we were unclear. We don't want to hear how foolish your uncle's politics are, how your coworker kisses up to the boss, or how you'll be single FOREVER because all the good ones are taken. We meant you can vent the heat on your head; not vent your frustrations! The dog days of summer are upon us, so it's a great time to explore hat options that are made to battle the intense seasonal sun and heat. We've previously promoted our hats that are best for blocking out the sun by creating a category grouping together all of our hats with a wide, all-around brim that also offer UPF50+ protection (available for both Men and Women).

If you're looking for more basic head coverage, favoring breathability over complete protection, vented hats might be the choice for you. Most spring/summer hats are made with relatively light, thin fabrics, but that may not be enough for some folks who run a little hotter than the rest. Vented hats offer strategically placed openings in the fabric to allow for hot air to escape and cooler air to enter. Click HERE to shop our best vented styles!

Bailey of Hollywood Groff Vented Panama Fedora

Betmar Monaco Vented Straw Fedora