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Our Top 5 Favorite Hats in Christmas Movies

Frosty the Snowman in the Ruby-Spears classic

It's that wonderful time of year where we watch the same movies that we've see what seems like a million times. Somehow they just don't seem to lose their charm year after year. Next time you watch these timeless movies, try to spot these hats as you're viewing...

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Celebrity Hat Spotlight: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake and fellow members of N*Sync

From the Mickey Mouse Club to N*SYNC to the Hip Hop &amp; R&amp;B crooner everyone wants to work with, we've seen Justin Timberlake grow as a man, an artist, a fashion icon for men, and not to mention some serious eye candy for women. He brought sexy back, rocks a suit and tie, and is notorious for wearing some seriously stylish hats.</p>

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of Hat-Wearers!

Guitarist playing on a Fender Stratocaster

Musicians, especially rock stars, are incredibly influential when it comes to fashion. From Buddy Holly's black-framed glasses to Kurt Cobain's ripped sweaters, popular musicians have always worn clothing and accessories that inspire trends in the general public. Hats are such a cool way to separate yourself from the crowd, so it's no surprise that rock stars love donning the most eye-catching ones they can find. Since the <a title="CNN article about the nominees" href="" target="_blank">2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees were recently released</a> we totally have rock stars on the brain! Here our Five Favorite Hat-Wearing Rock Stars:

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Hats off to HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"

The HBO television drama "Boardwalk Empire"was recently honored with 12 nominations at the 64th Primetime EmmyAwards in late September. Some of the nominations the show received were Best Series, Outstanding Lead Actor, Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, and Outstanding Costumes for a Series. That last nomination is of particular interest to us here at A very important part of the costumes on Boardwalk Empire is the hats that costume designer John Dunn selected for characters on the show.

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