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Bailey 1922

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  1. Mannesroe Braided Fedora
    Mannesroe Braided Fedora
    Starting at $85.00
  2. Bailey - Khaki
    Max Fedora
    Starting at $100.00
  3. Hooper Toyo Braid Trilby
    Hooper Toyo Braid Trilby
    Starting at $90.00
  4. Westfield Fedora
    Westfield Fedora
    Starting at $95.00
  5. Dalton Safari Outback
    Dalton Safari Outback
    Starting at $75.00
  6. Foley Fedora
    Foley Fedora
    Regular Price $85.00 Starting at $42.50
  7. Hats - Mushroom
    Balans Roll up
    Regular Price $100.00 Starting at $65.00
  8. Bailey - Natural/Flint Grey
    Rene Fedora
    Starting at $250.00
  9. Indigo Tie Dye
    Parson Panama Fedora
    Regular Price $175.00 Starting at $87.50
  10. Main Image
    Giger Panama Fedora
    Starting at $215.00
  11. Main Image
    Cuban Panama Fedora
    Regular Price $180.00 Starting at $90.00
  12. Graham Cap
    Graham Cap
    Starting at $70.00
  13. Bailey - Natural
    Glaser Fedora
    Starting at $195.00
  14. Hanson LiteStraw® Fedora
    Hanson LiteStraw® Fedora
    Starting at $170.00
  15. Hats - Natural
    Scorsby Fedora
    Starting at $100.00
  16. Ganey Cap
    Ganey Cap
    Starting at $75.00

Items 17-32 of 267

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It’s Showtime with Bailey 1922 Hats

When expansion to the West Coast of the United States began in earnest, George S. Bailey founded the Bailey Hat Company in Los Angeles, California. He was a visionary who knew that the leading men of Hollywood would be iconic personas who dictated the trends and styles of the day. If he could ensure that his hats graced the heads of the biggest celebrities, they would become instant best-sellers everywhere in America!

From that moment in 1922, he devoted his time and skill to outfitting actors, directors, and California ranchers, oil tycoons, and other famous personalities with the best hats possible.

Hollywood Loves Bailey

It’s clear that Bailey’s vision and hard work paid off, as movie stars like Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, and Humphrey Bogart became known for donning Bailey 1922 hats. They cemented the company’s legacy and helped to build its reputation as the premier milliner for Hollywood’s leading men. With celebrities shopping at the Bailey 1922 store, nobody wanted to shop anywhere else! Since then, Bailey 1922 hats have become synonymous with incredible craftsmanship and unmistakable style. Find trendy hats made just for you.

Bailey Hat Styles

From the street-wise fedora worn by 20s and 30s gangsters to the casual newsboy to the unmistakable derby, the designs of the Bailey 1922 caps available today have influenced decades of fashion trends. They’ve been around for nearly 100 years of American history! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Bailey 1922 hats well made?

Bailey Hats’ designs are made using a variety of innovative materials that give hats incredible water resistance, shape retention, and a premium feel. In addition, these iconic hats will always be widely praised for their cultural significance, as Bailey was the pioneer of western hats for the rugged cowboy as well as for the shining lights of Hollywood.


2. How much does it cost to ship Bailey 1922 caps at

At, we provide free shipping in the continental United States for orders over $75. We’re proud to offer fast shipping globally. Most orders are sent out within two business days of an order being placed.


3. What is’s return policy for Bailey 1922 hats?

We’re known for our generous return policy at Items can be returned within 60 days of shipping as long as the items are unworn and come with the original tags attached. Returns with US orders have free shipping.