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1900s Bollman Collection Homburg

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Popularized in England by Edward VII after visiting Germany and bringing one back as a keepsake, the Homburg is one of the oldest formally-styled hats. As the King of England from 1901 to 1910, Edward was known as “The Peacemaker” for his efforts in fostering good relations between England and other European countries. Perhaps the Homburg was a perk of the King's diplomatic successes, but the style enjoyed its own surprising success in Great Britain and in America. The Homburg resurfaced in the 1970's as the “Godfather” and eventually became an early staple of the hip-hop movement. The Bollman Hat Company contributed its own color and flair during each phase of the Homburg's evolution. This hat comes in a special edition Bollman Heritage Hatbox.
More Information
Style Homburg
Collection Bollman Heritage Collection
Fabric Wool Felt
Material 100% Wool
Brim 2 3/4"
Crown Center Crease
Season Autumn/Winter
USA Made or Imported Made in USA