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While Bollman hats for sale have evolved with the times

Every one of their collections features contemporary designs as well as classic styles. Explore hats from a historic company at

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  1. 415 Fedora
    415 Fedora
    Starting at $170.00
  2. Hats - Cream
    414 Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  3. 216 Fedora
    216 Fedora
    Starting at $170.00
  4. 404 Fedora
    404 Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  5. Hats - Evergreen
    215 Fedora
    Starting at $200.00
  6. Hats - Grape
    214 Fedora
    Starting at $165.00
  7. 312 Fedora
    312 Fedora
    Starting at $105.00
  8. 202 Fedora
    202 Fedora
    Starting at $120.00
  9. Hats - Navy
    713 Fedora
    Starting at $140.00
  10. Fry Fedora
    Fry Fedora
    Starting at $300.00
  11. Bollman Fedora
    Bollman Fedora
    Starting at $300.00
  12. Jeff K. Fedora - Exclusive
    Jeff K. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  13. Steve J. Fedora - Exclusive
    Steve J. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  14. Phil A. Fedora - Exclusive
    Phil A. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  15. Glenn K. Fedora - Exclusive
    Glenn K. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  16. Anthony L. Fedora - Exclusive
    Anthony L. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  17. Gene H. Fedora - Exclusive
    Gene H. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  18. Walter R. Fedora - Exclusive
    Walter R. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  19. Sparky E. Fedora - Exclusive
    Sparky E. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  20. Willie C. Fedora - Exclusive
    Willie C. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  21. Greg L. Fedora - Exclusive
    Greg L. Fedora - Exclusive
    Starting at $200.00
  22. 1920s Bollman Heritage Collection Fedora - Navy
    1920s Bollman Heritage Collection Fedora
    Starting at $125.00
  23. 1970s Bollman Heritage Collection Boogie - Burnt Orange
    1970s Bollman Heritage Collection Boogie
    Starting at $125.00
  24. 2000s Bollman Heritage Collection Stingy Brim
    2000s Bollman Heritage Collection Stingy Brim
    Starting at $125.00
  25. Hats - Red
    213S Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  26. Hats - Black
    312S Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  27. Hats - Black
    615S Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  28. Hats - Pink
    212S Fedora
    Starting at $90.00
  29. Hats - Tan Multi
    215S Fedora
    Starting at $115.00
  30. Hats - Black Dot
    313S Fedora
    Starting at $185.00
  31. Hats - Blue/Green
    901S Fedora
    Starting at $90.00
  32. Hats - Pale Olive
    212 Fedora
    Starting at $150.00

32 Items

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High Quality & Years of Experience

With a focus on fresh design, unbeatable service, and the highest level of quality possible, Bollman has earned its place as a market leader in men’s and women’s hats. As the oldest milliner in America, the Bollman company epitomized fashion, function, and fun! Their catalog has always been filled with styles and designs for all occasions to satisfy the needs of anyone looking for quality headwear.

Classic Style & Incredible Quality

Bollman hats are constructed with premium materials, including straw, LiteFelt®, and wool felt. Whenever you shop for a hat in this collection, you’re getting a classic style that will last for decades. Enhance any ensemble with everything from bowlers and fedoras to pork pies and western styles. 

At, you can find a versatile collection of Bollman hats for sale that is appropriate for every need. Shop hats for both men and women, explore pieces designed for different seasons, and browse subdued and colorful designs for all aesthetics.

Shop Bollman at

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