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Country Gentleman

The Country Gentleman brand dates back nearly 100 years to one of the most fashionable millinery eras

Browse the Country Gentleman hat collection at today.

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  1. Ascot Cap - Black/S
    Ascot Cap
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    Baxter Newsboy
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  3. Ainsley Earflap Flat Cap - Grey Tweed/M
    Ainsley Earflap Flat Cap
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  4. Country Gentleman Wool Ivy Cap - Charcoal
    Wool Ivy Cap
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  5. Country Gentleman Wool Blend British Ivy Cap - Charcoal Check
    Wool Blend British Ivy Cap
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  6. Country Gentleman Roderic Ivy Cap - Navy
    Roderic Ivy Cap
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  7. Cuffley Cap - Tan/L
    Cuffley Cap
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7 Items

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Capture Class With Country Gentleman Hats

The Country Gentleman hat brand dates back nearly 100 years to one of the most fashionable millinery eras. Browse the country hat collection at today. With a different style for each season, these country man hats are made to handle the heat with straw, linen, and cotton materials. You can also handle the cold with wool felt hats. Whether you’re getting dressed up for a big event or running errands around town, Country Gentleman has the right style, material, and color for you.

Country Gentleman hats offer such high quality, durability, and versatility that the only downside in their collection is choosing which one you want to wear! Enjoy the highest quality and functionality a hat can possibly provide when you turn to this brand as your go-to choice for nearly every aesthetic and style. Shop Country Gentleman with Sezzle to buy now and pay later!

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Quality Hats at an Affordable Price

When Country Gentleman opened in Manhattan back in 1921, quality manufacturing and design were at the forefront of their mission. Inspired and influenced by the styles of the day, this brand found a way to develop premium-quality hats at an affordable price without sacrificing style. Through the decades, these country man hats have continued to deliver debonair, cosmopolitan styles for men everywhere.

A Huge Selection

If you’re looking for a brand with a massive selection of styles, materials, and colors, this is it. No matter what aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, Country Gentleman hats are made to deliver. With everything from weather-appropriate fedoras to driving caps and ivy caps, these hats bring out the best in your sense of style. Enjoy water-resistant, lightweight, or ultra-thick materials for every season!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you determine the proper size for a country hat?

Use a tape measure to measure around the head above the ears where a hat would rest comfortably. Then, use a hat size chart to determine the best size for your crown. People whose head size falls in between should pick the bigger size. Small foam pieces can be placed behind these hats’ sweatbands to make large hats fit better.


2. How do you keep country man hats in excellent condition?

You can stuff a rolled towel inside the hat crown so the brim doesn’t touch the surface area where it’ll be stored. You can also store these hats upside down, allowing them to rest on their crowns. Either of these methods will help maintain the brim’s signature shape by keeping weight off of it. You should avoid excessively handling the hat’s crown or drying the hat with artificial heat, which may damage the material.


3. Why are country hats so popular?

These trendy hats offer versatility, durability, and high quality for various seasons and occasions. They also come with multiple ribbon bands, crown shapes, and brim widths to suit various personalities and preferences. These hats evoke a feeling of elegance mixed with tradition and are associated with society’s quintessential gentleman look.