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Goorin Bros.

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Experience the Timeless Touch of Goorin Bros. Hats Today

Goorin Bros, a long-standing headwear mainstay, has been producing high-quality trendy hats for more than a century. The first Goorin Bros. hats were made at the turn of the 20th century by founder Cassel Goorin, who sold his wares out of a horse-drawn cart. This DIY spirit still permeates the company to this day. 

More About the Brand

Goorin Bros’ legacy of authenticity remains unchallenged: Goorin Bros. has proven itself to be a remarkably versatile manufacturer. Keeping up with trends as they shifted through generations and establishing their streetwear style served them well throughout the 2010s. Goorin Bros hats are here to stay, and we at are proud to have them on our site. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What makes Goorin Bros hats famous?

The company’s hats are reinvented classics known for their relevance. In 1960, the company demonstrated its innovative spirit by expanding into the sportswear industry with its trucker hats, flat caps, and fedoras, which were not yet style staples.

The company’s signature premium pieces can be found all around the globe today. The founder’s great-grandson, a proud fourth-generation hatmaker, currently runs the business.


2. What makes Goorin Bros caps stand out?

Goorin Bros is particularly well known for its trucker caps featuring back mesh and square patches on their front panels. These patches feature images of a wide variety of animals, including a buck, rooster, lion, bear, eagle, and dog. Many celebrities enjoy wearing Goorin Bros’ caps, including Spanish F1 racing driver Fernando Alonso, Brazilian footballer Neymar, and Argentine footballer Lionel Messi.


3. When is the best time to wear Goorin Bros’ fedora hats, and what material are they made of?

The brand’s fedora hats are best worn during the fall and winter months. They are made of 100% wool, so they are extremely soft, warm, moisture-wicking, and water-resistant. You can get these statement-making hats in colors ranging from black to ivory and navy.