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  1. Taupe
    Airflo® Medium Brim Outback
    Regular Price $99.00 Starting at $79.20
  2. Taupe
    Airflo® Broad Brim Outback
    Starting at $99.00
  3. All Weather Hat
    All Weather Hat
    Starting at $120.00
  4. Hats - Rock Face
    Modern Airflo® Outback
    Starting at $99.00
  5. Airflo® Mash Up Outback
    Airflo® Mash Up Outback
    Starting at $99.00
  6. Airflo® Lightweight Vented Wide Brim Outback
    Airflo® Lightweight Vented Wide Brim Outback
    Starting at $99.00
  7. Cotton Duck Hat
    Cotton Duck Hat
    Regular Price $99.00 Starting at $79.20
  8. Mocha
    Hemp Outback Hat
    Starting at $99.00
  9.  Hemp Canvas Sun Hat
    Hemp Canvas Sun Hat
    Starting at $99.00
  10. Stone
    Lightweight Nylon Outback Hat
    Starting at $90.00
  11. Polaris Outback
    Polaris Outback
    Starting at $115.00
  12. Montana Outback
    Montana Outback
    Regular Price $130.00 Starting at $65.00
  13. Waxed Cotton Outback
    Waxed Cotton Outback
    Regular Price $95.00 Starting at $61.75

13 Items

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Stay in style during your favorite outdoor pursuits with our iconic Tilley hats for men and women, the perfect caps for those who love the outdoors.

Come Out to Play While Looking Polished in Our Tilley Hats

Our Tilley caps are where function meets fashion for all of your favorite outdoor adventures, like golfing, fishing, hiking, and bird watching. Made for living life to the fullest, these hats are durable, stylish, lightweight, water repellant, and breathable. They also have a UPF rating of 50+ to keep your head protected and cool on long days in the sun. From our all-weather to our cotton-outback Tilley hats, our collection of loose- and low-fitting hats are perfect for the adventuresome and rugged at heart.

Elevate Your Style at

Whether you’re looking for hats for everyday wear, formal occasions, or travel, our hats at tick all the boxes. As your go-to source for comfortable and trendy hats, we are excited to offer you quality products while also offering you education on hat care and finding the right hat for you.

When you’re ready to buy, we also offer fast and convenient shipping worldwide. Most of our orders are sent out within two business days of being placed. In addition, we offer free shipping in the continental United States on all orders over $75.

See the look you want and make it yours today with our matchless headgear.

Experience the Best of

At, we take pride in doing more than just providing you with the perfect additions to your hat rack. We also make it easier than ever to elevate your ensemble by offering our handy Sezzle payment method. With this feature, you can buy now and pay later by making convenient installment payments.

Like rewards? We offer those, too. Simply sign up for our Rewards Program to start earning points. You can then redeem the points you accrue for either discounts or presents.

Contact us to learn more about your favorite hats, and place an order today!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Tilley hats for men and women so outstanding?

Tilley brand hats feature excellent materials combined with meticulous construction. These hats are perfect for everyday wear and travel due to being low maintenance, durable, and light.


2. How should a Tilley hat fit?

Wear your Tilley hat low on the head, and keep it slightly loose. You can tell that your hat is fitting properly if you can put two of your fingers between the hat’s front area and your forehead (the fingers should be flat).


3. Can Tilley hats be machine washed?

Absolutely. Use your machine’s delicate cycle, then air-dry your hats. Afterward, reshape your hats using your knee or by hand.


4. What are Tilley Airflo hats?

These hats are designed to keep your head fresh and cool even on a hot day. They feature durable nylon with a UPF 50+ rating as well as a water-resistant finish. They’re perfect for hat lovers seeking protection from the sun and rain.