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Fashionable Hats for Men | 5 Styles That Just Look Good

Hats have always been a part of men’s fashion — even when they were being worn for utilitarian reasons. In fact, many military hats and working man’s hats have transformed to become staple accessories in men’s fashion. If you’re looking for the most fashionable hats for men, read on here for the top five styles we absolutely love at


An iconic look that’s associated with British styles, the Bowler hat was made infamous by the likes of John Cleese, Charlie Chaplin, and Curly Howard. This hat was worn by the lower, middle, and upper classes of England society, but it’s not meant for casual, everyday wear anymore. This fashionable hat for men goes best with double-breasted suits and tailored pants as well as dress shoes and maybe even a vintage Aston Martin.


A hat that has stood the test of time, fedoras have gone through many iterations over the decades. Originally, a hat for gangsters during the 20s, they became a hipster staple during the early 2000s. Since they come in so many fabrics, colors, and designs, the fedora is an incredibly polarizing hat choice. Keep your fedoras simple with medium brims, neutral hues, and fabrics that are appropriate for the season.


Despite its similarity to the fedora, a trilby is a stand-alone hat style. Usually made from tweed or straw, this fashionable hat for men has a distinctly smaller brim and a taller crown. It’s ideally worn between spring and autumn and isn’t really appropriate as a winter hat. More of a fashion item than protection from the elements, you wear the trilby on the back of your head.

Panama Hats

A hat that embodies the feelings of summer, you can spot them being worn on beaches, sailboats, and cruises around the world. Traditionally made in Ecuador from braided leaves, a Panama hat is the must-have accessory for any tropical location. The light hues, airy materials, and breathability make them perfect for ultra hot climates. Choose this fashionable hat for men when going on vacation to South America, Hawai’i, or the Bahamas.


For something a little more casual, there is nothing more comfortable and versatile than the snapback. A ‘90s baseball cap style that was incredibly popular with Yankee fans, it’s become a staple baseball cap all around the world because of its adjustability. The fastener in the back provides a relaxed fit that ranges from fitted to oversized — depending on your preference.

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