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Women's USA Made

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  1. Brooks Panama Fedora
    Brooks Panama Fedora
    Regular Price $175.00 Starting at $87.50
  2. Hats - Oak
    Stansfield Panama Fedora
    Regular Price $175.00 Starting at $87.50
  3. Spencer LiteStraw® Fedora
    Spencer LiteStraw® Fedora
    Regular Price $115.00 Starting at $74.75
  4. Dayton Outback
    Dayton Outback
    Starting at $138.00
  5. Hats - Burgundy/Brown
    410S Pork Pie
    Starting at $115.00
  6. Scarlet
    USA Tropic 504 Ventair
    Starting at $50.00
  7. Bailey - Natural/Flint Grey
    Rene Fedora
    Starting at $250.00
  8. Hats - Red
    213S Fedora
    Starting at $150.00
  9. Indigo Tie Dye
    Parson Panama Fedora
    Regular Price $175.00 Starting at $87.50
  10. Main Image
    Giger Panama Fedora
    Starting at $215.00
  11. Main Image
    Cuban Panama Fedora
    Regular Price $180.00 Starting at $90.00
  12. Hats - Tan Multi
    215S Fedora
    Starting at $115.00
  13. Bailey - Natural
    Glaser Fedora
    Starting at $195.00
  14. Hanson LiteStraw® Fedora
    Hanson LiteStraw® Fedora
    Starting at $170.00
  15. Scarlet
    USA Tropic 507 Ventair
    Starting at $50.00
  16. Hats - Blue/Green
    901S Fedora
    Starting at $90.00

Items 1-16 of 230

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The Best Women’s Dress Hats Made in the USA

Our American-made women’s hats at are the perfect way to elevate your ensemble. These trendy hats will make you feel good from the outside in. When you shop our women’s dress hats, ranging from western hats and fedoras to pork pies and bucket hats, you’re giving your wardrobe and the American economy a boost — and that’s something every fashion-forward woman can celebrate. Take a peek at our high-quality women’s hats that are made in the USA, and order your favorites today!

Durable Hats for Trendy Ladies

Ready to show off your sophisticated side while showing your American pride? Add one of our bell-shaped cloche hats to your wardrobe for the perfect way to make any outfit instantly look more elegant and classic. Are you born for adventure? Our USA-made cowgirl-inspired hats are calling your name! These beauties are made to show off your fearless, bold, and classy side no matter where your day takes you. All of our women’s dress hats are sure to impress with their long-lasting materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and in-vogue yet timeless styles you’ll enjoy year-round.

Irresistible Styles & Rewards

At, we’re honored to provide you with an array of eye-catching, irresistible hat styles you’ll be proud to wear day in and day out. Our hats from leading brands are made for the discerning fashionista who values being on-trend and enjoys commanding attention wherever they go.

When you shop at, you can expect new arrivals added regularly. We also offer a convenient Sezzle payment method where you can buy now and pay later, as well as a Rewards Program that will give you points toward exclusive treats every time you order. Buy today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should heads be measured for the sizes of women’s dress hats?

Determine your head’s circumference in inches or centimeters, and use a hat size chart to figure out which hat size best matches that circumference. You can measure your head’s circumference by wrapping a tape measure around the head around one inch above the ears and eyebrows. Ensure the tape isn’t too loose or tight.


2. How do you protect women’s dress hats when packing for a trip?

Place clothes along your suitcase’s bottom area to cushion your hat, and let the hat’s crown side face down toward the clothes. Place soft items, like t-shirts and socks inside the hat, and gently position other clothes around the hat’s crown and beneath the brim for extra cushioning.


3. What are some of the most popular styles of women’s hats made in the USA?

Popular hat styles range from fedora hats to western hats, beanies, and bucket hats. Floppy brim hats are a fun and flirty fashion statement that’s ideal for sunny summer days. Vintage-inspired hats are the perfect touch for cozy cooler months.