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Hat Care

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  1. 3-Hat Travel Case
    3-Hat Travel Case
    Starting at $39.00
  2. NuStraw Hat Cleaner
    NuStraw Hat Cleaner
    Starting at $9.00
  3. Hat Cleaner Sponge
    Hat Cleaner Sponge
    Starting at $5.50
  4. Bollman Hat Company Hat Stretcher
    Bollman Hat Company Hat Stretcher
    Starting at $32.00
  5. Foaming Light Hat Cleaner
    Foaming Light Hat Cleaner
    Starting at $11.00
  6. White & Tan Feather
    White & Tan Feather
    Starting at $15.00
  7. Dark Hat Brush
    Dark Hat Brush
    Starting at $7.50
  8. Light Hat Brush
    Light Hat Brush
    Starting at $7.50
  9. Black Corded Hat Band
    Black Corded Hat Band
    Starting at $15.00
  10. White Corded Hat Band
    White Corded Hat Band
    Starting at $15.00
  11. Rust & Brown Feather
    Rust & Brown Feather
    Starting at $15.00
  12. Wooden Hat Brush
    Wooden Hat Brush
    Starting at $6.00
  13. Cap Washer
    Cap Washer
    Starting at $9.99
  14. Black & White Feather
    Black & White Feather
    Starting at $15.00
  15. Felt Hat Cleaning Sponges
    Felt Hat Cleaning Sponges
    Starting at $5.25
  16. Brown Feather
    Brown Feather
    Starting at $15.00

Items 1-16 of 21

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Stay Protected with Hat Care Products

Hats.com brings you stylish, quality hats that are built to last. Our hat care products are here for you to help ensure your hats are protected against the elements for your best look possible. We have a variety of products like brushes, sponges, repellents, and hat care kits to keep your hats looking new. Browse our selection of hat care products to discover the best in protection for your hats now at Hats.com!

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Stay Fresh and in Style

We make it simple for you to find the hat that fits your style every season. Explore the right hat for different weather and climates, find your fit, and get styling ideas for your next find, all at Hats.com! We have an exceptionally wide selection of hats in the collections, brands, and styles that you want and add new arrivals regularly. Hats.com also carries products like hat care kits to keep your hats looking new year-round. Explore our selection of high-quality accessories today to find the perfect hats to keep you looking fresh and in style!