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New Arrivals

This is where trends are made. Explore our New Arrivals page, designed for your personalized shopping experience. Don’t miss out on the latest trendy hats, and revolutionize your look today.


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  1. Sella Bucket - Nougat/Jacaranda / 1SFM
    Sella Bucket
    Starting at $350.00
  2. Seline Tote - Nougat/Jacaranda/Caramel / misc
    Seline Tote
    Starting at $435.00
  3. Liliana Clutch - Jacaranda/Caramel / misc
    Liliana Clutch
    Starting at $295.00
  4. Hale Fedora - Chalk/Jacaranda / 1SFM
    Hale Fedora
    Starting at $400.00
  5. Giulietta Wide Brim Hat - Nougat/Jacaranda / 1SFM
    Giulietta Wide Brim Hat
    Starting at $395.00
  6. Elle Tote - Nougat/Jacaranda/Caramel / misc
    Elle Tote
    Starting at $375.00
  7. Dusk Sun Hat - Chalk/Jacaranda / 1SFM
    Dusk Sun Hat
    Starting at $400.00
  8. Arise Visor - Nougat/Jacaranda / 1SFM
    Arise Visor
    Starting at $295.00
  9. Quil Derby - Natural / S
    Quil Derby
    Starting at $180.00
  10. Anker Fedora - Natural / S
    Anker Fedora
    Starting at $165.00
  11. Winstone Fedora - Black / S
    Winstone Fedora
    Starting at $135.00
  12. Adlay Fedora - Dark Natural / S
    Adlay Fedora
    Starting at $135.00
  13. Billie Fedora - Charcoal/Black / M
    Billie Fedora
    Starting at $295.00
  14. Isla Straw Fedora - Natural / S/M
    Isla Straw Fedora
    Starting at $96.00
  15. Canvas Hat Carrying Tote - Natural / MISC
    Canvas Hat Carrying Tote
    Starting at $113.00
  16. 713 Fedora - Alloy/S
    713 Fedora
    Starting at $140.00
  17. 410 Bowler - Copper/S
    410 Bowler
    Starting at $120.00
  18. 214 Fedora - Classic Blue/S
    214 Fedora
    Starting at $165.00
  19. David Leadbetter Eagle Golf Gambler - Natural/Black / S/M
    David Leadbetter Eagle Golf Gambler
    Starting at $89.00
  20. Carolina Summer Cloche - Natural / 1SFM
    Carolina Summer Cloche
    Starting at $65.00
  21. Shannon Wide Brim Beach Hat - Natural Colorblock / 1SFM
    Shannon Wide Brim Beach Hat
    Starting at $59.00
  22. Zoey Reversible Ribbon Hat - Natural/White / 1SFM
    Zoey Reversible Ribbon Hat
    Starting at $49.00
  23. Rib Crop Sweater - Iced Lilac / S
    Rib Crop Sweater
    Starting at $128.00
  24. Interlock Jogger - Iced Lilac / S
    Interlock Jogger
    Starting at $95.00
  25. Interlock Hoodie - Iced Lilac / S
    Interlock Hoodie
    Starting at $115.00
  26. Tangerine Tango
    Oversized Jacket
    Starting at $230.00
  27. Whitney - Blossom Suede
    Starting at $275.00
  28. Tarik - Blackberry - Main Image
    Starting at $165.00
  29. Stacey - Black Nappa
    Starting at $245.00
  30. Oakleigh - Black/Black - Main Image
    Starting at $275.00
  31. Emani - Black/Black - Main Image
    Emani Bucket
    Starting at $275.00
  32. Benny - Blackberry - Main Image
    Benny Bucket
    Starting at $195.00
  33. Kangol Wild Fur Trapper - Pepto/Mahogany
    Wild Fur Trapper
    Regular Price $85.00 Starting at $63.75
  34. Nature Flip Lahinch-Iced Lilac/Pine/S
    Nature Flip Lahinch
    Regular Price $85.00 Starting at $63.75
  35. Kangol Camo Rib Bucket - Cherry Glow
    Camo Rib Bucket
    Regular Price $80.00 Starting at $60.00
  36. Nature Flip Spacecap-Iced Lilac/Pine/1SFM
    Nature Flip Spacecap
    Regular Price $75.00 Starting at $56.25
  37. Camo Rib 504-Pine/S
    Camo Rib 504
    Regular Price $70.00 Starting at $52.50
  38. Kangol Nature Flip 504 - Iced Lilac/Pine
    Nature Flip 504
    Regular Price $70.00 Starting at $52.50
  39. Kangol Furgora Big Monty Beret - Pine
    Furgora Big Monty Beret
    Regular Price $85.00 Starting at $63.75
  40. Carmel Trench - Black/1SFM
    Carmel Trench
    Regular Price $275.00 Starting at $220.00
  41. Deep Ink
    Penny Parka
    Regular Price $190.00 Starting at $152.00
  42. Camel
    Olive Poncho
    Regular Price $160.00 Starting at $112.00
  43. Helen Kaminski Mya Jacket - Shell Pink Leopard
    Mya Jacket
    Regular Price $185.00 Starting at $129.50
  44. Hats - Natural
    Tilley Hemp Canvas Sun Hat
    Starting at $99.00
  45. Tilley Airflo® Medium Brim Outback - Khaki/Olive/6 7/8
    Tilley Airflo® Medium Brim Outback
    Regular Price $99.00 Starting at $79.20
  46. Pastel Blue
    Hydro A-Game Limited Edition Pastels
    Regular Price $69.00 Starting at $51.75

46 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

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