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  1. Utility Cords Jungle Hat
    Utility Cords Jungle Hat
    Starting at $70.00
  2. Apple Mint
    Provence 12 Bretton
    Regular Price $250.00 Starting at $175.00
  3. Mannesroe Braided Fedora
    Mannesroe Braided Fedora
    Starting at $85.00
  4. White/Black
    3D Wool Flexfit Baseball
    Starting at $40.00
  5. Natural/Black Logo
    Marina Visor
    Starting at $175.00
  6. Hooper Toyo Braid Trilby
    Hooper Toyo Braid Trilby
    Starting at $90.00
  7. Hats - Burgundy/Brown
    410S Pork Pie
    Starting at $115.00
  8. Sage Green
    Hydro A-Game Baseball
    Starting at $69.00
  9. Taupe
    Airflo® Broad Brim Outback
    Starting at $99.00
  10. Scarlet
    USA Tropic 504 Ventair
    Starting at $50.00
  11. Main Image
    Washed Baseball
    Regular Price $45.00 Starting at $27.00
  12. Kangol - Cherry Glow
    Tropic Spitfire
    Regular Price $53.00 Starting at $26.50
  13. Kangol - Turf Green
    Bermuda Stripe Bucket
    Regular Price $75.00 Starting at $37.50
  14. Hats - Marine Teal S24
    Bermuda Elastic Spacecap
    Starting at $55.00

Items 33-46 of 298

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Find Iconic Best-Selling Hats From Top Designers

Everyone wants fashion accessories that he or she knows are in style. But how exactly do you find a list of the latest and greatest headwear? We carry every season’s hottest looks in everything from pork pie hats to berets, visors, and more.

Our Crowd Pleasers and Top-Selling Hats

We update our Top Sellers list every month with hats and caps from wonderful brands, like Kangol, Bailey 1922, and Helen Kaminski. As styles and fashion trends change, so do our top headwear offerings. The trendy hats in this category include fedoras, flat caps, and everything in between. 

Checking on our Top Sellers regularly is a great way to keep up with what's hot in headwear! And if you find too many excellent styles that you absolutely need, don’t worry — you can use our Sezzle payment method to make installment payments, rather than having to pay for everything at once!

Simply The Best

Our top-selling hats feature a popular assortment of fedoras, trilbies, western hats, and so much more. We carry the best caps for any head size and style for every occasion. Our collection of our most popular hats is sought after for a reason. Find the best-selling hats, and always remain on top of the latest headwear fashion statements. Not sure what to wear? Discover the best headwear looks from casual sun hats to stylish pieces for a night out on the town! Be sure to also become a VIP Rewards Program member to earn exclusive rewards each time you shop at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Bailey one of the top hat makers?

Bailey is one of the makers of today’s best-selling hats due to their innovative designs, long history, and quality craftsmanship. The American company made its debut in 1922 when Midwestern hat lover George Bailey decided to bring his passion for headwear to clients in the West. The company’s hats have been all the rage among movie stars, businessmen, ranchers, and celebrities.


2. Why is the fedora so popular?

The fedora is among today’s best-selling hats thanks to its elegant shape and versatile designs. For instance, the crown may be deep with a center dent, teardrop, or telescope that adds variety and sophistication to your wardrobe.


3. What are the most popular hat colors?

Today’s top-selling hats are neutral hues, like navy, gray, beige, and brown, as they match a variety of outfits. However, you’ll find best sellers of various colors, including red, yellow, lavender, and even cranberry, depending on the wearer’s taste and the look they’re going for.