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Hat Organizer Ideas | Get Organized With

If you’re a hat fanatic, there’s a good chance you have a few organizational issues at home. At, we know all about having enough hats to pair the perfect hat for every outfit. If you’re looking for hat organizer ideas to keep your hats properly stored and organized, but still within easy reach to grab as you walk out the door, read on for some top tips from the experts at


Drawers are an ideal place to store specific styles of hats like baseball caps and bucket hats. These are typically hats that can be stacked easily and won’t experience damage from being layered on top of each other. Drawers can protect your hats from dirt and dust as well as ensuring they stay out of direct sunlight — which could cause the vibrant colors and hues to fade. If you’re organizing baseball caps, fold down the back half and fit each hat over the front of the next to keep things lined up and maximize your space.


Using doors as a hat organizer idea is a great choice if you want your hats to be easily accessible, but you don’t have a ton of space. There are a number of easy to use door hat racks that allow you to clip your hat or rest it on a hook, depending on your preference. You can find rustic hat racks for trilbies and fedoras or functional hat racks for closely stacking baseball caps and berets.

Vertical Displays

For those who want to be a little more creative with their hat organizer ideas, it’s simple to make your hat collection part of the decor. Creating an accent wall for your hats can replace other wall decor and creates the perfect place to organize your collection. Choose an empty space in your living room, perhaps above the TV, and install some hooks for your favorite Panama and boater hats. Just leave enough space for new purchases!

Converted Shoe Rack

You don’t have to get a rack specifically for hats! A fun hat organizer idea is converting basic organizer items that can be found in any clothing retailer instead! Shoe racks are much more popular than hat racks and come in so many sizes, styles, and colors. Find a hanging, fabric shoe rack and slide each of your hats into the individual cubby. Your hats won’t be touching, they’ll be protected from the elements, and you can hang the rack wherever it’s convenient.

Wall Hooks

While you can install individual wall hooks for each of your hats, getting one of those key racks with several hooks already attached can be a unique hat organizer idea. You can find wrought iron racks for a steampunk feel or distressed wooden planks for a rustic vibe. Buy several racks and line them together to create wall art out of your favorite accessory.

We hope you loved some of these hat organizer ideas that we’ve come up with. When it’s time to find a new hat to add to your collection, check out the inventory for men and women at today!