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How to Style Popular Men’s Hats

After browsing list upon list of popular men’s hats, you finally found your perfect headwear accessory. It fits your taste, complements your appearance, and adds stylish flair to your closet.

Now there’s just one problem—you’re not exactly sure how to wear it. 

Unfortunately, depending on the design you’re styling, wearing a hat can be much more complicated just putting it on your head. If you want to combine personal preference with fashionable style, keep reading for can’t-miss tips that will help you tailor your hat to your individual taste. 

Styling a Fedora 

The fedora is one of the trendiest styles in popular men’s hats. The hipster-friendly design features a soft brim and dented crown. Although fedoras are available in a range of slightly differing styles, they all include these defining features. 

As one of the most versatile hat styles, fedoras can be worn on almost any occasion. For a dressier look, even one that requires a suit and tie, the fedora can act as a final finishing touch. It tones down the seriousness of your outfit by adding a playful element, but it still looks polished and purposeful. It shows that you put effort into your ensemble and simultaneously allows you to stand out from the crowd—distinguishing you as a quite the fashion-forward thinker. 

Of course, the fedora also works perfectly with casual styles. It can’t be thrown on with a t-shirt and basketball shorts, but it combines beautifully with a printed button-down and a pair of jeans. If you lean towards minimalist style, pair your fedora with a solid, basic-colored tee and a trendsetting jacket for a toned-down look that’s effortlessly trendy. 

Styling a Western Hat 

Another recognizable choice in popular men’s hats, the Western hat features a high crown and a wide brim, all made of fairly stiff fabric. This style is most closely associated with cowboys and has been since it first appeared on the fashion scene. There’s no redefining this hat’s roots, so you may as well lean into the classic style. 

Embracing this style of popular men’s hats means tapping into your inner cowboy. Denim jeans are pretty much a must with this hat. A long sleeve button-up shirt rounds out the look. Flannels are the go-to choice, but you can also opt for denim-on-denim without ruining the look of your outfit. Finish off the style with a nice pair of cowboy boots and voila!, you’ve easily transformed into a character from your favorite Western film. 

Styling a Flat Cap 

Flat caps have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Now one of the most classic styles in popular men’s hats, these simple caps create a more understated look than the fedora or the Western hat. However, they can’t be worn with any old outfit. 

Flat caps require acute attention to detail. They have to be worn as a purposeful stylistic choice, unlike a baseball cap that can be tossed on with nearly any ensemble. Flat caps combine most effectively with preppier looks. Pair your flat cap with a suit jacket and a button-down shirt for an elevated style, or opt for a simple tee and a comfortable jacket for a casual, everyday look. A flat cap can also work with minimalist outfits—a pair of khakis and a t-shirt will do nicely.  A style perfect for the trendiest of men, the flat cap can easily allow you to stand apart from the crowd. 

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